Adventureland Coupons 2018 Are Here!

There are many ways to get discounted tickets to Adventureland in Long Island, New York. Open since 1962, this park has been a fixture in the Farmingdale, New York area. Their logo is, “It’s all about the kids”, so you know that your family will be in for a suitable treat by visiting the park.

There are two ways of paying for your visit. You have the choice of buying tickets for each ride, or you can pay one price for unlimited rides throughout the day. Admission is free for everyone, so if you are a non-rider, you do not have to pay anything to enter the park.

Another perk to visiting Adventureland is that parking is free. Anyone who has ever gone to a theme park for the day knows the shell shock at the admissions gate when you have to pay ten or fifteen dollars simply to park your car.

Long Island’s Adventurelan has rides for everyone in your family. The Thrill rides, for those brave of heart and hearty of stomach, can enjoy these hair raising attractions:

Hurricane Coaster

Pirate Ship

Silver Twister


Bumper Cars

Music Express

Ghost House

For the family, there are rides that you can all go on together, no matter what the age span of your group. These rides are:

Antique Cars

Free Whale

Ferris Wheel

Balloon Tower



Lady Bug Coaster

Wave Swing

The Glass House

Just want to watch the kids have fun? Your discount tickets permit you to go on lots of rides so you can sit and watch your children enjoy themselves. Some of them are:

Spinning Cars

Flying Puppies

Drop N Twist Tower

Viking Voyage

Kiddie Swings

And many more!

Want to cool off? The park has three different attractions to help you get wet and wild and beat the heat.

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Check out the Groupon website for the latest offers.

Pay One Price

Every ride requires several tickets, and you can spend a lot more if you go that route. Buying a “Pay One Price” ticket lets ou go on all of the rides as many times as you want. You will never have to run and buy more tickets and then wish you had just bought the ride all day bracelet!

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A little known secret to saving money on anythingis to sign up for email newsletters and alerts. You will be the first to know about special events days and discount offers because it is delivered right to your inbox!  Coupons are delivered right to you!

When you go to the Adventureland website to receive emails, you are also automatically entered in the monthly drawing for a family four pack of tickets. Free tickets are the best bargain there is!


Become a fan of the park and learn about the latest events and specials when they are poated!

The Entertainment Book

While the Entertainment Book does not have discount tickets for rides, they do have a pass for twenty per cent off a purchase at the gift shop.

Getting discount tickets to Adventureland in Long Island, New York is a money savvy way to spending a fun family day.