Canobie Lake Park Discounts and Coupons for 2019 Are Here

Canobie Lake Park is the place for fun this summer, and buying discount tickets will make you good time cost less. Located in Salem, New Hampshire, Canobie is open from late April until the end of September.

Your discount tickets offer a day of amusements for everyone. For those who love to be thrilled on amusement park rides, there eight fast rides just for you. For families with children and for adults who no longer enjoy speeding roller coasters, there are twenty-one family rides for you to enjoy together. There is also a Kiddie Land with eighteen rides for the pint sized ones in your family.

There are also water rides and a separate water park area for you to cool off while spending the day at Canobie. For your entertainment, there are also many live shows throughout the day.

As an extra added discount, Canobie Lake Park has free parking. Free is the ultimate discount! Anyone who has had to shell out fifteen dollars or more to park their car or van at an amusement park knows that free parking is bonus savings.

Take a Look at the Roller Coasters

Go Early in the Season

Because the New Hampshire spring is not a very warm one, the park offers tickets at discounted prices from the opening in April until mid-May.

Go Later in the Day

Tickets are discounted after 5:00. This special rate is perfect for those who work full-time and for those who do not wish to spend an entire day at Canobie, but just a few hours.


Pay now to save later. Offers for lower priced admission may be available on Groupon. Check out the website to see if there are any deals.

Group Rates

Schools and camps are eligible for a discount group ticket. The prices differ slightly, depending on which month you go. The park even opens earlier in May and June, when school is still in session.

Facebook Offers

Some of the best deals on tickets can be found on the park's Facebook fan page.  Many of the best offers occur between November and December, during the holiday shopping season.  Ther are also offers available in late August and early September, with prices being lower than during the busy summer months.

Corporate Discounts

There are several discount tickets options for corporations. There are catered outings for companies both large and small. There is a consignment ticket program, where the company has park tickets available at discounted prices. These tickets are good any day the person wants to use it. The company simply pays for the tickets that are purchased and returns the rest.

There is also the VIP Discount Pass program, where Canobie sends discount passes to everyone who works for you for free.

Sign Up for the Email Newsletter

Canobie Lake Park has an occasional email newsletter that tells about special discount days and promotions going on at the park. 

Military Discounts

If you are a member of the United States Armed Forces, simply present your identification at Guest Services to receive a special discount ticket price to Canobie Lake Park.

Special Days

On the website, there are different days throughout the season that offer free and discounted admission.  

Visit Local Retailers for Coupons

Many local retailers have coupons available for discounts. The stores who may have them are:


True Value

Brooks Pharmacy

Tedeschi Food Shops

With so many ways to get discount tickets to Canobie Lake Park, it is easy to spend the day with your family without having to empty your bank account.