Coupons for Cedar Rapids Amusement Park 2019

If you are looking for a great family getaway for less, then you will need to get discount tickets to Cedar Point Amusement Park.  There are many theme parks on the East Coast, and Cedar Point, which is located in Sandusky, Ohio, is a great destination for a family vacation.

When you purchase discounted admission, you are purchasing family fun for several different kinds of rides. There are thrill rides, kids rides, family rides, roller coasters and water rides.  There is something to appeal to everyone in your group!

This family venue is really two parks. There is the rides only park, which is Cedar Point. Then there is the water park called Soak City. You can get discount tickets for Cedar Point Amusement Park for by itself or for a combination tickets to both sites.


You can sign up for Groupon alerts to see if savings are available.

The Ultimate Season Pass

One of the best bargains to an amusement park is a Season Pass. If you can make the amount of visits you need to recoup the cost, then this is your best discount ticket investment. Cedar Point has different kinds of Season Passes.

The Platinum Season Pass to the park also buys you FREE admission and FREE parking at fourteen different parks across the United States! There is a full list of benefits for holding a Platinum Pass listed at the amusement park's website.

Online Specials

If you live out of town, one of the first places to get your reduced price tickets is to go online. Their website has several from which to choose. Some of the available ticket discounts are:

Breakfast Buffet with the PEANUTS Characters

Family Savings Pack

July Saver Ticket

Pay Once, Visit Twice

Picnic at the Point

Race to the Point

Rock and Ride

Discounts to Cedar PointCredit:

Group Rates

Do you have fifteen friends and family members to hang out with? If you do, then your group will qualify for a discounted group rate. Just be sure you follow the booking details, which include at least one week's advance notice.



Military Discounts

Show proof of your active military status and you will qualify for a discount admission.

Meijer Supermarkets

Select Meijer Supermarkets sell cheap passes to the park. To find out which ones have them, you can go online and check out the Meijer website. Be sure to call in advance and see if they still have them in stock.

Facebook and Twitter

Social media is the newest way for companies to share what is happening.  If you become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter you can be the first to know about special events and discounts to the park.

Work at the Park

One of the benefits of working at the amusement park is the free admission.  That is the ultimate discount ticket-a free one!

Before heading out for your next theme park, check out these resources to get your discount tickets to Cedar Point Amusement Park.