Darien Lake Costs Less With Coupons and Discount Offers

Updated for the 2019 Season

Getting discount tickets for Darien Lake theme will make a day of family fun and memories cost a lot less. Darien Lake is located in western New York in Darien Center, right outside the major cities of Rochester and Buffalo. Being located in upstate New York, where the living is generally much less expensive than other areas of New York, Darien Lake park prices will not gouge you like larger, more commercial theme and amusement venues.

Darien Lake is a smaller amusement park and very family friendly. Your discount tickets are just an additional way of making your park experience one that you will want to repeat often.

Darien Lake is really two different parks. There is the theme park with classic rides and a new and improved water park called Splash Town. Getting discount tickets for Darien Lake makes the discount twice as nice!

Some of the theme parks rides you will enjoy are:

Thrill rides








Family Rides

Giant WheelDiscounts to Darien LakeCredit: http://mrg.bz/yp6kby

Grand Carousel




Silver Bullet

Kids Rides

Barrel of Fun

Dipsy Diver

Monster Trucks

Twisty Tubs

Weather Balloon


Water Rides

(this is not the water park)

Grizzly Run

Shipwreck Falls

Thunder Rapids

Water Park

There are eleven different attractions in the newly improved water park area. A few are:

Swirl City Slide Complex

Mister Twister

Cannonball Run

Lazy Days Lagoon

Crocodile Isle


23 Things to Do While Visiting This Theme Park

Over One Dozen Discounts and Coupons to Save at Darien Lake


Check out the Groupon site to see if discounts to Darien Lake are available. If they are not, you can sign up for alerts and you will be notified when one is.

Season Pass

One of the most cost effective ways to get reduced admission is to buy a Season Pass. If you live nearby and can visit the park at least three times, the pass pays for itself.

Sign Up for Emails

At the park's website, you can submit your email address. Special offers will be available can be emailed to you as they appear.

Buy Your Tickets Online with Promtional Codes

Purchasing your admission online at their website will yield you big savings on your ticket.  Promotional codes are available at websites such as Retailmenot.com.  These change often, so be sure to check before making any online purchase.

Facebook and Twitter

Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, are thelatest ways companies are staying in touch with their customers.  By "liking" Darien Lake on Facebook or following them on Twitter,  you can have the lastest special events and discount delivered right to you as soon as they are available.

Consignment Tickets

If you are the owner of a business, you can sign up for the Darien Lake consignment ticket program.  Your employees can buy passes at a greatly reduced rate and it cost you absolutely nothing!  Call the group sales department for more details.

Health Professionals Days

Each summer, those who work in the field of health and their families can get into the park for 60% off.  Check the website for the date for this year's discount days.

Group Rates

If you have a group of family or friends who can go at the same time, then you can get discount tickets by qualifying for a group rate. There needs to be at least fifteen members in your group to qualify for this special Darien Lake discount, which is a 40% savings off a regular priced ticket.

Accommodations Package

If you decide to stay for a longer visit, then you can get tickets for Darien Lake as part of you accommodations package. You can stay at their onsite campground and hotel, Darien Lake Lodge on the Lake. Staying at the park is cheaper in the summer during the week.

Special Event Days

Another way to get discount tickets is to check out the "Events" section of the website. There are certain days and weekends where certain groups, like the military, get in at reduced ticket prices.

Attend a Concert

If you attend a concert at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, located adjacent to the theme park, you can purchase discounted combo passes. This ticket includes admission to the theme park on the day of a concert. These tickets are available in advance or (for an additional fee) at the gate.

Go to Wegman's and Tops 

Wegman's is a popular supermarket chain located in the upstate New York area. Go to the Customer Service desk at any of these stores in the Buffalo area to purchase tickets.

Automobile Club of America

AAA offers many discount tickets to theme parks, and you can get your admission tickets here at a great price. If you are from out of town, go online to purchase your discount tickets.

Entertainment Book

If you purchase the Rochester edition of the Entertainment Book, there is a buy one get on free adult admission discount ticket to the park.

If you do not live in the area and are planning a trip to Rochester, get on the Entertainments Book's email list. In mid-summer, they usually have a promotional rate at a ridiculously low price for any book plus free shipping. It costs less than the price of the ticket, plus you get coupons for other local savings if you vacation there.

Go Off Season

As with most theme parks, the rates go down when the kiddies go back to school and the air gets cooler.  This is especially true in Upstate New York,when the temperatures drop quickly right around Labor Day.

With all of these ways to get discount tickets to Darien Lake, you have no excuse not to go and have a great time!