Promo Codes and Coupons for Lagoon Park 2019 Are Available

There is only one major theme park in the Utah area, and getting discount tickets to Lagoon Park is easy when you know where to look. Located in Farmington, Utah, Lagoon Park is open from April to October and has many seasonal events in addition to rides and other attractions.

Your reduced priced admission will gain you access to kiddie rides, family rides and thrill rides. There is something for everyone at Lagoon Park!

Virtual Roller Coaster Ride!

Season Passport

A Season Passport to Lagoon Park is the best discount you can buy. The more you go, the more you save. If you purchase four or more Season Passports, you will save even more money! Cyber Monday is a great time to buy.

Group Discount Rates

At the Lagoon website, there are contact numbers and form to fill out so your group can buy admission at a reduced price to the park.


Buy tickets now to save on your trip later. Check out the Groupon website to see if any deals are available.

Sign up for Lagoon’s Fun Time Club Newsletter

By signing up for Lagoon’s Fun Time Club email newsletter, you will the first to know about specials, discount ticket days, and additional promotions and offers for savings while visiting the park.  These offers are not made available on the website.

Facebook and Twitter

If you are on Facebook, Lagoon has it’s own fan page full of discount ticket offers and announcements about special promotional days. Just become a fan and then you can have the news delivered daily to your news feed.

Online Promotional Codes

Discount tickets to Lagoon Park can be had if you find a promotional code to apply when buying your tickets online. The best website to find these discount codes is Retailmenot.

Hotel and Park Vacation Packages

If you are visiting the Utah area, there are a number of hotels that offer discount or free tickets to Lagoon with your stay. The Lagoon website has a list of these hotels so you can contact them directly and see which one fits your family’s needs and budget.

Corporate Discounts

Lagoon offers discount tickets to companies wishing to give their employees an incentive or bonus. There are three different discount ticket packages from which to choose.

Large companies may also be interested in the “Good Any Day” ticket program. Businesses must buy a minimum of fifty tickets to Lagoon sell to their employees at a significantly discounted price. Payment is due thirty days after purchasing the tickets and you may order again at any time.

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Work at at the Park

Working at Lagoon is another option for getting discounts to the park. No only are you entitled to free admission, but you are also able to buy your family steeply discounted tickets to Lagoon on special Family Days. On other days, you will also be able to buy reduced price admission for family and friends.

Fox 13 Friday Night Coupons

In the fall, Fox channel 13 has a printable coupon to Lagoon for a Friday date night.

Macey's Grocery Store

If you are near a Macey's, call and ask if they are selling discounted tickets, as they do have a limited amount available.

Tourist Guides and Other Magazines Have Discounts

While traveling in the Farmington or Salt Lake City area, there are places to get local tourist guides and other local magazines and brochures. These will have coupons off admission to the park. You may also be able to get coupons from local retail stores and restaurants. Ask local residents where they get their discount tickets to the amusement park, as they will know best.

Coke Can Discounts

Look for cans of Coca-Cola to have a savings offer when you bring in an empty can on the prescribed days and times.

Deseret Book

At the Deseret Book website, there is information about promo codes and money saving deals to Lagoon Park.

With summer just ten weeks long, getting coupons to Lagoon Park for your family is one way of enjoying time together.