Lakeside Coupons and Discounts 2019

Those who are visiting the Denver, Colorado area may want to buy discount tickets to Lakeside Amusement Park. With forty things to do, including a separate area just for small children, this place offers rides and attractions for everyone in your family.

This is the largest theme park in the Rocky Mountain area, and one of the oldest in the country. It opened in 1908 and was billed as the “Coney Island of the West”. While you will not find characters in costume parading around the park, what you will find is a family friendly atmosphere with a breathtaking view of the Rockies lit up in neon lights at night.

How to Find Discounts

One big discount available for Lakeside Amusement Park is free parking. While some parks charge as much as fifteen dollars to park your vehicle, Lakeside does not charge you. This is a significant savings for families who are money conscious.

There are two ticket options available. Depending on which you choose, your discount will vary.

You may also want to check out the Groupon website to see if there are any deals.

If you are visiting the park for a short time, then you may want to consider buying individual tickets for each ride. That way, you are not stick with a pile of extra tickets on your hands. If you are spending the day an have children who love to go on rides, then purchasing a “ride all day” wristband will be your best discount. You can go on as many rides as you want for as often as you want!  You will look like a champion because you won't have to say "no" to their request for "one more time!"


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Going during the week is cheaper than attending during the weekend.  More than likely, it will also be less croweded, as many people will be working.  That will make the trip to the park more pleasant for everyone.

Group rates for discount tickets are available for groups of ten or more. The larger your group is, the larger the discount on your ticket. These special group rates are available to Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts, youth groups, school clubs and sports teams. Reservations must be made at least twenty-four hours in advance. Prices also differ if you go during the week versus going on the weekend.

Summer camps and day care centers can purchase discount admission tickets on selected days during the summer. The more people that are in your group, the greater discount you will receive.

There are coupons for Lakeside Amusement Park in the Denver edition of the Entertainment Book. It has a two for one unlimited ride admission.

At the park website, you can sign up for emails. By doing so, you can receive information about the latest special discounts and park promotions.

Buying discount tickets to Lakeside Amusement Park get you more than a day of family fun. You will also have beautiful views in a historic theme park by the lake.