Magic Springs Coupons 2018

If you are visiting the Hot Springs, Arkansas area this summer with your family, you may want to look into getting discount tickets and visiting Magic Springs and Crystal Falls. These two parks-one with rides and one a water park-offer a lot of family-friendly entertainment for one discount ticket price.

The park has eight thrill rides for those who love to go fast. With nine family rides and seven kiddie rides, there is something for everyone in your group to enjoy.

When you tire of going on the amusements, you can go on over to Crystal Falls Water Park. There are nine different play areas. Some attractions are specifically for small children and families, while others are for taller people who want a thrill. No matter which ride or pool you go on, a lot of wet fun is in store to cool you off.

Season Passes

Season Passes are the best discount ticket to buy if you live in the area and have time to visit more than once over the summer. The more you use your Season Pass, the greater the discount becomes. When you purchase your Season Pass before the park opens, you save additional money off of each pass.

Other perks you get with a Season Pass are special discount offers and free summer concert series.


Buy your tickets now at a cheaper price and go when your calendar is free. Check out the Groupon website to see if discounted passes are available.

Promotional Codes

If you are visiting the area and have no need for an annual pass, then using promotional codes for is another way to save money on admission to the park. The best place to find a promotional code when the park is open for business is

Chamber of Commerce Discounts

The Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce website sells tickets at a discounted price.  

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is the hottest way for amusement parks to keep visitors informed of special events and discounts. Magic Springs has a fan page on Facebook. Just “Like” it and have the most current promotions delivered right to your news feed.

You can also follow them on Twitter for up to the minute news and specials.

Magic Springs CouponsCredit: By Ruairi irish at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Consignment Tickets

Companies who want to offer perks to their employees, but do not have the cash flow to do so, can give them a free perk, courtesy of Magic Springs. All a business has to do is sell to Magic Springs admission at a discount price. The company does not buy them, it’s employees do! Any unsold tickets get returned at no cost to the company.

Go Later in the Day

Admission to the park is reduced after 4:00.  The air is cooler and the lines are shorter, since many who arrived earlier in the day are tired and on their way home.

Get a Job and Work for Discounts

Need money over the summer break? Employees have the ultimate discount ticket-free admission! In addition to getting job experience and a paycheck, employees also receive other park discounts on food and merchandise.

Local Websites Have Discount Admission Inforamtion

During the park’s open season, discounts to the park and other local attractions are available at There is an interactive guide with downloadable discount vouchers.

Hotel Brochures and Magazines

Any hotel in a tourist area has an area with local free magazines and brochures about local attractions. This informative literature oftentimes has discount vouchers for admission to the local attractions. Magic Springs does have these discount vouchers available at nearby hotels.

Local hotels also sell discount tickets. You can call to inquire about them when you book your stay.

By doing a little research before your visit, you can get discount tickets to Magic Springs and Crystal Falls.