Rye Playland Discounts 2018

Visitors to the New York City area will want to venture a half hour north to Westchester County and buy discount tickets to Rye Playland. Located in Rye, New York, Playland has been an entertainment destination for families for over seventy years.

This is a smaller, classic amusement park. If you are looking for a park with miles of rides that will spin and flip you until you are nauseous, then this park will not fulfill your needs. Featuring old fashioned rides, like the Log Flume and the wooden Dragon coaster, a visit to this theme park is a fun and nostalgic way to spend a summer day with your young children.

Along with old fashioned rides, your discount tickets will get you and your children into their own personal Kiddie Land Park. There are fourteen rides just for younger children-like their own park within a park!

If you want to cool off while visiting, you can purchase tickets to the pool and beach for an additional fee. Reduced priced tickets to this amenity are available to Westchester County residents, as well as for those who purchase a ten visit card pass. This is a great way to cool down after spending the day on the rides.

The day does not end because the rides are over. You can stroll along the Seaside Walk and Pier, and enjoy the magnificent view of Long Island Sound. The Playland Museum is also open during the amusement park season. There are places to eat when you get hungry. There is even a miniature gold course for those who love to play.

Unlike larger amusement parks, parking is realistically priced.

Westchester Resident Discount Tickets 

For those living in New York’s Westchester County, discount tickets to Rye Playland are available for purchase. Extra discounts for residents are included with each level of pass, thus increasing the savings! Proof of Westchester County Residency is required to purchase these money saving Rye Playland passes. Forms of residency proof include:

Credit card with ZIP code verification

NYS issued photo ID or driver's license

Westchester County Park Pass

School photo ID or report card

Three year discount passes are also available to purchase. Senior citizens receive additional time on their park pass.

Rye Playland Coupons and DiscountsCredit: By Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York (Rye Playland Park-And-Ride Uploaded by tm) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Here Are the Roller Coasters for You to Ride On!

Season Pass

If you are not a Westchester County resident, but live close enough to make several visits to the park over the summer, then a Season Pass is the best discount ticket for you to buy. A Season Pass will pay for itself in three visits.


Check out the Groupon website to find the latest offers.

Group Discounts for Rye Playland

Rye Playland offers savings to groups of twenty or larger. You can buy your group discount in advance or at the gate. Buying your group’s tickets at least five days in advance will give you a larger savings than buying them the day of your visit.

Facebook Offers

The Facebook fan page shares many offers to the park that you will not find elsewhere.  For example, there were $15 Tuesday and Thursday nights offered last summer for those in the know.

Check the Local Papers

Local Westchester newspapers may have coupons available in the paper or online.

ValPak Coupons

ValPak coupons are mailed right to your home,and they are also available online.  Check the website starting in the spring to see if any are available to Playland.

Discount tickets to Rye Playland will buy your family a nostalgic trip back in time. Theme parks are not built like this anymore.