Land of Make Believe Coupons 2018

Discount tickets to the Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove are available from several different sources. Located in Hope, New Jersey, it is about an hour from New York and approximately ninety minutes from Philadelphia. This is a smaller family amusement park who caters mainly to children under twelve. Because it is not overwhelming to them, this theme park is just the right size to entertain families.

Your discount ticket also buys you a visit to the water park, Pirate‘s Cove. Best of all, there is free parking and a free picnic area for you to eat the food that you brought! Free is the ultimate discount! Bringing your own food makes a nice savings, too. You can buy the kids an ice cream treat or play a few arcade games with the money you are not spending on food that your kids probably won't finish.

There are many attractions to enjoy at the park. Among them are:

Jump Around Frog

Rockin’ Tug

The Sidewinder

The Tornado

Grand Carousel



Free Fallin’

The Tornado

Haunted Halloween House Roller Coaster

Red Baron Airplane Ride

Dixie Car

Indian River

Magic Dragon

Civil War Locomotive and Train Ride (goes around most of the park)

The Pirate’s Cove water park has many ways for your family to keep cool on a hot summer day. Some of the attractions are:

Pirate’s Plunge

Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort

Buccaneer Pirate Ship

Pirate’s Peak Water Slides

Blackboard’s Action River Ride

The attractions are:

The Arcade

Old Fashioned Hayride

Petting Zoo

Enchanted Christmas Village to see Santa’s summer home

Middle Earth Theater

Authentic Jenny Jump House and Legend

Land Of Make Believe Coupons and DiscountsCredit: By Mminc10 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Season Pass

You can purchase a Season Pass to the park and after a four visits, it pays for itself. Great savings for those who live locally!  


Check out the Groupon website for the latest offers.

Kidstuff Book Coupon

Kidstuff coupon books are sold as fundraisers in schools.  If you buy one, you will find a coupon for a free adult admission when another is purchased.

Sign Up at the Website

The park's website has a weekly drawing all summer long for a chance to win free tickets. You can enter once a week during the park’s open season.

Free Ticket Drawing on the Park Website

At the park's website, there is a weekly drawing for free tickets. Submit your name and see if you are a lucky winer!

Group Discounts

During the months of May and June, group discounts to the venue are available. This is perfect for Youth Groups, day care centers, and preschools.

Craig’s List and eBay

During the summer season, you may be able to find people selling unused tickets or discount passes to the park. Try looking at the auction at the last minute to see if you can get a real bargain on the tickets.

Discount tickets to The Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove make this well established, family centered amusement park a day trip that will bring back many memories for years to come.