Thunder Island Coupons and Discount Tickets are Available

Updated for 2016

Getting discount tickets to Thunder Island is easy if you know where to look. The park is located on Wilcox Road in Fulton, New York, located near from the city of Syracuse. There are four different attractions at this venue for which you can buy discount tickets. They are:

Extreme Body Sliding

Water Park

Go-Karts (perfect for both young and old)

Jungle Mini-Golf (18 holes with animals at each hole)

The attractions are not pay-one-price but pay as you go, so buying discount tickets to Thunder Island is a good money-saving idea. You do not have to go on all four kinds of attractions to get discount a Thunder Island, jus buy for the tickets for the attractions on which you want to have fun.

Because this is a smaller family theme park, it is perfect for people with young families or if you do not wish to spend all day and night in one place.

Go to the Thunder Island Website

On the park's website there is a list of stores and their addresses that will provide you reduced price admission for Thunder Island. The locations are:

Taco Bell

Nice n Easy Grocery Stores


Purchase a Season Pass

At their website, you can download a form and fill out the information for buying a Season Pass. Like most amusement parks, it is cheaper to buy a Season Pass before Memorial Day, increasing your potential savings if you plan on going multiple times over the late spring and summer season.

Group Rates

In order to get discount tickets at a group rate, then you need to call the park office and speak to a representative for the most updated prices for groups of different sizes.

Get Discounts to Thunder IslandCredit:

Inclement Weather

If the rides have to close due to inclement weather, you are eligible for discounts on future tickets purchases. The amount of the discount depends upon how long the rides shut down for and if the park has to close due to the weather.

Twilight Rates

If you enter the park after 3:30, the next day is free! That is great discount for families on a budget who are visiting the Central New York area for more than one day.

The Great New York State Fair

My family and I won tickets to the park at The Great New York State Fair. A local radio station was having a giveaway, and if you spun the wheel and landed on a certain space, you won a prize. For us, the prize were free tickets to the park! Now that is the ultimate discounted ticket!

You may also want to listen to local radio stations to see if they are having any contests with the prize being tickets to park.

With all of this information on how to get discount tickets to Thunder Island, it is very easy to save money and have family fun for one day or all summer!