Waldameer Discounts for 2018

If you are spending part of your summer vacation in the Erie, Pennsylvania area, then you might want to look into getting discount tickets to Waldameer Water World. This small amusement park caters to families with young children. Waldameer has been around since the late 1800’s and has grown continually since it’s inception.

There is something for everyone at Waldameer. Your discount tickets gain you access to over seventy-five rides and attractions. There are roller coasters and thrill rides like the Ravine Flyer for those who love to who love the fast and furious amusements. Families can enjoy classic rides like Flying Swings, the Ferris Wheel and the Scrambler.

For children, there are a host of kiddie rides, like the Wendy’s Tea Party and the Frog Hopper.

There is no charge for parking. Anyone who has ever been to a large major amusement venue knows that the parking is incredibly expensive. Smaller parks like Waldameer typically do not charge your car for spending the day in the lot.

In addition, there is no admission fee for anyone to enter Waldameer Water World. If someone in your party is a non-rider, she or he can enjoy the day without feeling badly that there was a price to pay for walking and watching. Tickets can be purchased at a discount to ride all day or you can buy a “Wally Card” for a few rides. The choice is yours.

Discounts and Coupons to Waldameer ParkCredit: By Jeremy Thompson (Flickr: Waldameer Park 042) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsSeason Pass

For any amusement park, buying a Season Pass is your best discount. When the kids are home all summer and wondering what to do, having a Season Pass already purchased and paid for means that you can go at any time. Even if you live an hour or two away, it makes sense to buy a Season Pass.


Buy a discounted ticket now on Groupon and pay later. Check out the Groupon website to see what offers are available.

Buy a Two Day Special Pass

If you are re going to spend two days or more in Erie, then a buying a Two Day Special Pass to the park is a discount ticket option. It is cheaper to pay this price than it is to pay for two separate admissions The days must be consecutive for this ticket option.

Stay at a Nearby Hotel

In addition to Waldameer Water Works, Erie, Pennsylvania has many attractions. If you stay at one of the nearby hotels, there are vacation packages that include discount tickets to Waldameer. The Waldameer website has more details with the names of the hotels and the phone numbers.

Group Rates 

Group rates are another discount ticket option for Waldameer. For as few as fifteen people, you can get reduced rates on the tickets you buy. The more people in your party, the bigger the discount on the Waldameer tickets.

There are special rates for the following groups:

School Field Trips

Day Care Outings

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

4-H Clubs

Summer Recreational Programs

Waldameer Water World also offer business several options for buying discount tickets for it’s employees, or consigning them.

Discounts to WaldameerCredit: www.amazon.com

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Your discount tickets to Waldameer Water World offer your family and you an opportunity to enjoy a day of family fun at a reduced price.