Printable Wild West City Coupons for 2019

Fans of the Old West need to round up some discount tickets to Wild West City. Located in Netcong, New Jersey, this is a family attraction for those who love westerns and everything about the western history of the Untied States.

Wild West City is not a theme park with cowboy rides. It has a miniature golf course, as well as a Stagecoach ride, a train ride and pony rides available for a separate fee, your discount tickets do give you access to all sorts of activities.

First of all, there are twenty-two live action live action shows that go on throughout the day. There are living history exhibits, with actors portraying characters of the old 1880’s Wild West. In addition, there are also typical museum and other historical exhibits.

There is the Barnyard Zoo with all sorts of animals that you can pet. Your discount tickets also allow you to go panning for gold. You can try and find gold just the way those wishing to strike it rich did over one hundred sixty years ago.

Special Events Days

At the park's website, look for the “Schedule” tab to find out about the upcoming special days that offer discount tickets. In the past, one person could get in for free with another ticket purchase or for a discounted price on these special days:

Mother’s Day

Armed Forces Day

Wild West Dress-Up Day

Scouts Weekend

Father’s Day

Grandparents Day

Printable Coupons

At the New Jersey Kids Guide website, there are printable coupons available for one free child admission with the purchase of an adult admission.  This is a great savings for families!

Local Television Commercial for the Park

Group Discounts 

Another option for discount tickets  is to go as a group. If you have over twenty fans people, then you qualify for the discount. You must fill out the online form, make your reservations in advance and put down a small deposit. 

Local Newspapers

Oftentimes, local newspapers will offer coupons off local attractions. Just have a pair of scissors and clip to save! You may also want to check out the online version of local newspapers for printable discounts to take with you to the admissions gate.

Sign Up for Emails 

Go to the park's website and sign up for their emails. Be the first to know about special events and additional ticket promotions.

Another discount is the free parking! Anyone who has ever visited any kind of theme or amusement park knows full well how much money you have to shell out before you enter the park gates just to park your car.

Moreover, your passes also give you access to their picnic grove. You can choose to buy lunch there or bring your own cooler full of food to save even more money on your day trip.

History buffs and lovers of the old west will enjoy buying discount tickets to Wild West Cityfor a unique trip back in time.