United Airlines is a popular airline that travels all over the United States as well as around the world. With hubs in Chicago and Denver, you can pretty much get anywhere on an United Airlines flight. Yet, that doesn't always mean you want to pay full price for an airline ticket. Discounts are deals are found looking at the right place online. Here's how to get a discount on United Airlines.

Things You Will Need

Need for an airline seat


Airline Seat

Step 1

Get to the Airport with your discounted Ticket Start by knowing what days you would like to travel. The days in the middle of the week - Tuesday and Wednesday are far easier to find cheaper seats than Sunday and Friday. Usually you can snatch a decent priced seat on Saturday, but that depends on the time of the year.

Step 2

Once you know your dates and have decided on how flexible you are with the days of the week, try to consider how much time you have to book the ticket. Last minute flights don't necessarily mean inflated prices, but you will have a harder time locating good deals. Use planning so you don't have to stress.

Step 3

Sign up online at the United Airlines website for their ezine. This is a monthly publication that comes straight to your email. Also, it will sign you up for any forthcoming specials and the weekly specials that leave on a Saturday and return on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It takes five minutes of your time but it is well spent as you could save thousands.

Step 4

Go to the book agent travel websites and sign up for their webzines too. Travelocity and Expedia are great websites to use their tools to find bargains. Indicate, after you have signed up the cities you are most interested in traveling to and from. If you live in Denver and want to visit the grandkids in Los Angeles, this is a great tool as you are immediately notified bia email when a deal starts. This gives you a head start to the masses.

Step 5

Check on the auction websites to see what tickets or gift certificates are being offered for United Airlines. Places like Craigslist and eBay are full of deals. Just make sure the certificates are valid and work with your schedule. United Airlines has plenty of room on their next flight for you and if you can't find the perfect deal for your trip, consider searching some of the other airline carriers. Competition has driven the price of flights down and any safe plane is a good plane to catch!

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