Geyser Falls Discounts 2016

Mississippi is mighty hot and humid during the summer, so residents and visitors can cool off by getting discounts to Geyser Falls Water Park. Located in Philadelphia, there are twenty-three acres of water play fun that will make everyone forget just how hot it is!

Your discounts to the park get you onto many attractions. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with Geyser Flats, a water mist. Then there is Backsplash, the backwards slide, and Round About River, the lazy river. You can also go on Pipe’s Peak, the wave pool Thunder Lake, or have the little ones play in Lil’ Squirt s Hollow. Mount Everwet and Whitewater Express will surely please the daredevils in your family.

And if relaxing is more your style, spend time at Clearwater Key, eight acres of sandy beaches and pools.

Although you are not allowed to bring your own food or beverages into Geyser Falls Water Park, there is a picnic area just outside the entrance. If you want to save some money and pack your own lunch, you can do that and them reenter the park-just remember to get your hand stamped.


Season Passes

A Season Pass  pays for itself on the third visit. If you live within a ninety minute to two hour ride, this may be the best discount for you and your family. The park is less crowded during the week, so you can keep the kids happy and busy any time you want. You can go as often as you like, which is the beauty of a Season Pass.

Discounts and Coupons for Geyser Falls Water ParkCredit: By GlennHewer [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Cyclone

Beach Towels for Everyone in Your Family!

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With five different colors available, everyone can have his or her own signature towel.

Group Rates

The water park is more fun when you are with a large group of people. Group rate discounts require a group of at l6ast twenty people. While group rates are not good on Saturdays, they are good every other day of the week. Tickets need to be purchased at least ten days in advance and bought by one person.

If your group has fifty or more, then you can get a food voucher discount on yourvisit.

Stay and Play Packages

On the Geyser Falls website, there is a listing of over one dozen nearby hotels where visitors can stay. You can contact them directly and ask if they offer discount tickets, or free tickets, to the water park with your stay.

Pepsi Cans

Bring in a label from one of the cans to receive $5 off a $35 and $25 admission.  It is good for up to six people and is not valid on Saturdays.

Great Water Shoes for Everyone!

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These water shoes come are a great price!


Smart business owners know that the best way to tell consumers about their products is to have a Facebook fan page. The park has contest fro free tickets, as well as announcement for when the preseason sale begins on season passes.  

There is no reason to stay all hot and bothered when you can get discounts to Geyser Falls Water Park and cool off!