Gold Rush Water Park Specials Are Available in 2019

There are discounts available to the Gold Rush Indoor Water Park. Located in the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan, this is a newer addition to the ranch. Known for years for it’s horseback riding and golf courses, the resort added the water park in 2006 to create another avenue of fun during the cold Michigan winter.

It is always eighty-four degrees inside, so even with snow on the ground, it is summer inside! Your discounts get you onto many fun rides and attractions.

There are four different pools for families to enjoy. Each one has it’s own set of activities, such as slides, basketball hoops, water guns, and the wave pool.

The Lazy Crazy River is a place to relax in some parts, and a place to get dumped with water in others!

If jumping, splashing and getting water randomly dumped on you is not your idea of a good time, there are two hot tubs available for a soak. One is for families and the other is for adults only.

For those not wanting to get wet, there is a suspension bridge to cross and an arcade with games to play. There is a separate admission price for spectators only.

There are several ways to get discounts on your visit to this family friendly venue.

Website Specials

Whether you are a golfer or love to go horseback riding, there is some type of vacation package for you. There are five different Gold Rush Indoor Water Park vacation options. Each package offers unlimited access to the water wonderland of fun.

Look at the Fun You Could Be Having!


Check out the Groupon website to see the latest deals and offers. Buy now and save!

Group Packages

Another discount option is to go as a group. They have everything your group wants and more. Contact the ranch to discuss your own personal package and get discounts on your trip.

For those celebrating a birthday, there are terrific birthday packages that also offer group discounts. You not only have access to the water park, but all of the other outdoor activities if the weather permits. Best of all, there is no clean up for the party mom!

Work at the Resort

There are many benefits to being an employee of the Double JJ Resort. One of them is free access to all of the activities. Horseback riding, golfing, and splashing around in the water park is free-the best discount-if you have a job on the ranch, either indoors or outdoors.

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So if you are in need if family fun at a discount, visit the Gold Rush Water Park!