H2Oasis Coupons and Discounts for 2019

There are many ways to get discounts to H2Oasis. Alaska may be colder longer than the rest of the United States, but those who reside there still want to have their fun in the water year round. H2Oasis is Alaska’s largest indoor water park and it has activities in the warmer summer months as well as in the extremely cold winter.

Located in Anchorage, H2Oasis offers it’s guests much to do. In addition to the water park, there is a gym, swimming lessons, and the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is walking in a mild current of water. It is a great way to get in your exercise and water fun, too.

There are several ways to receive a discount to H2Oasis.


Check out the Groupon website for all the latest deals.

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Buy a Membership

While memberships to the facility are on the expensive side, you will need to do the math to see if this is a cheaper way to get your exercise and have water fun during the seasons when swimming outdoors is not possible.  If you need to get out of the house during the winter, this is the perfect place to go for everyone in your family.  With a membership, you can avoid getting cabin fever!

A year long membership without the gym will take seventeen visits to pay for itself. If you buy a membership with gym privileges, it will take longer for the savings to kick in. There are membership discounts available to children, seniors, and those in the military.

Memberships to the swim facility also permit you to go at any time and participate in all activities and classes without any additional expenses. There are also discounts available on activities that do require additional money.

Group Rates

Discount group rates to H2Oasis are available. The more people in your party, the larger the discount you will receive.


Another way to receive reduced price admission is to look at it’s promotion page on the website. A local radio station, The Breeze 105.3 FM, always has free ticket giveaways.

When there is a blood drive, those who donate to the Blood Bank get a discount off the price of admission.

With long Alaskan winter days, getting discounts to H2Oasis makes indoor water fun a lot less expensive.