Jack Frost Big Boulder Discounts 2019

Outdoorsy types who love their fun in the snow need to learn how to get discounts to Jack Frost Big Boulder. Located in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania this popular ski resort has been around since 1972.

Your discounts to Jack Frost Big Boulder get you onto 21 ski trails that have elevations as high as 2000 feet. In addition to skiing, visitors can also go snow tubing. Either way you can have fun sliding down a gigantic hill with your family and friends.

There is no reason to pay full price on your visit when there are so many ways to get discounts on your stay.


Check out the Groupon website for all the latest deals to the park.

Season Passes

If you live within a ninety minute to two hour drive from the resort, then you may want to consider investing in a Season Pass. The more you ski, the more you will save with each visit. in addition to saving money, people who purchase their Season Pass will also receive discounts in the ski shop and on meals. The earlier you buy your pass, the more goodies you will receive with it, like cheap buddy passes.

Group Rates

Fifteen or more people qualifies you for the reduced rate. The more people you have in your group the greater the discount you will receive, because more people gets you more complimentary tickets.

You will need to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance. In addition, you will receive even more savings if your group skis at non-peak times, such as mid-week.

Scout Sundays

This resort rewards Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts with bestial discount rates on selected Sundays during the ski season. heck sort calendar for which Sundays are eligible this year.

School Programs

There are two different learning opportunities for school-aged children in third grade and above. Both of these programs are at signification reduced prices, making it affordable for just about everyone. First, there is a field trip to Jack Frost big boulder were children can learn to ski and snowboard.

There is also an after school opportunity for children to learn the basic skills needed for skiing and snowboarding. this program lasts for five weeks.

Show Us Your Grades Program

During the winter, students an opportunity to earn a free pass. Schools need to register for their students to participate in this program. Children need to earn A’s and B’s during the first quarter of school to qualify, so they can use the passes during the winter. this program is open for students in grades one through twelve. What a wonderful incentive to start the school year!


Facebook Is the ways to find out about specials happening at Jack Frost Big Bolder. There are many specials that are offered to its fans. For example, when spring arrives and many people are thinking about warm weather, there are vastly reduced rates for those want to ski just one more time. In addition there are also other events, like May Day, that are promoted on the fan page.

College Deals

Jack Frost big boulder offers college students with a valid photo ID to ski at a discount every Wednesday. you can get this discount during the day or at night. It may not be combined with any other discount.

Military Discounts

Jack Frost offers active military personnel the opportunity to ski with their family at a discounted rate. All members of the active military family must show their IDs in order to receive their tickets at a reduced rate.

Bounce Back Bonus Pass

Purchase an adult full price ticket and you can buy another ticket to ski on another day for a discounted price.

With so many opportunities to get discounts to Jack Frost Big Boulder, skiing can cost you less every time you go.