Kentucky Splash 2018 Discounts Are Available

People who want to enjoy the great outdoors in Kentucky during the summer can do so by getting discounts to Kentucky Splash Water Park. Located in Williamsburg, the water park not only has wet attractions to enjoy, but also a go-kart track, a championship miniature golf course, an arcade for gamers, a batting cage for baseball lovers, and a driving range for the golf fanatic in your group.

There are wet attractions to cool everyone off. For the little ones, there is Tadpole Island, six thousand square feet of play area just for them. With an interactive playhouse, a drop bucket and climbing ropes, kids will be happily occupied for hours.

For older guests, your discounts  will get you on an eighteen thousand foot wave pool and the forty foot triple slide complex.

The park is open from May through September. Along with the many ways you can get in for less, there are great savings before you even walk into the park-free parking. Anyone who has ever ventured to may larger theme parks knows that the corporations ask for big money just to leave your car in the lot. Free parking is a savings for many families.

Admission without any discounts is only ten dollars and has remained so for the past several years. This is for the water attractions. If you wish to do the other dry activities, you will have to pay more for that wristband.

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Season Pass

A Season Pass is a great way to save money. You can go to Kentucky Splash as often as you want and only have to pay once. If it rains, you haven’t lost anything. Want to go for an hour? You can do that, too. The more you use your Season Pass, the less each visit costs.

There are two kinds of Season Passes at Kentucky Splash Water Park. One is for the water park only, and the other is for all of the amenities. You can always upgrade to the all inclusive pass at any time during the season.


Check out the Groupon website for the latest deals.

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Group Rates

Sometimes it is just more fun to go with a large group of people and play. While only the water park only group rate discount, the all events group reduced admission rate starts with as little as twenty people. The more people in your group, the less you will all pay. If you want to, you can also add a catered meal so no one has to worry about what to bring for lunch.

Birthday Party Packages

Another way to get a discount is to host a birthday party there. Everything is included in one low price-pizza, beverages, all paper goods, balloons, and mini-golf. If you want to add the water park to the party, then it at a discounted rate.

There are many ways to have fun in the summer. If you are in the area, get discounts to Kentucky Splash Water Park and have a great time.