2018 Coupons and Discounts to SomerSplash

There are many ways to get discounts to Somer Splash Water Park. Located in Somerset, Kentucky, the park is open from May to September for residents and visitors to enjoy.

There is something for everyone to play on at Somer Splash. It is home to Kentucky’s largest Lazy River, so people who are not into the thrill rides or have kids who can venture out on their own can relax and enjoy the ride. For children, there is a Kiddie Play area with over thirty interactive features, including a large dump bucket. There is also a wading pool for their pleasure.

For the thrill seekers among you, your discounts will get yo on the brand new Bowl Slide and Speed Slide tube ride. There is also three other body slides and a giant wave pool that is almost twenty thousand feet and has waves up to four feet high.

Season Pass

With ten weeks of summer vacation, having a Season Pass to the park makes planning what to do easy. Kids love to play in the water, and a water park beats a pool any day of the week. You can visit for as long as you want for as many times as you want. Best of all, the cost of each visit is reduced every time you spend the day there.

If you buy your Season Pass before the park is open, you can save even more money, as the cost of the pass is discounted. If you missed the boat on that deal, it still pays to buy the pass if you live nearby.

If you are on a budget, you can purchase your Season Pass at the park and use the payment plan.


Check out the Groupon website to find the latest offers.

Go Later in the Day

For anyone who is unable to go to the park earlier in the day, there are discounts to be had if you go after four o’clock. Admission is half price at that time.

Group Rates

Do you have a big group of friends who want to go out and have fun together? If you do, then you qualify for the group rate discount on your tickets. Groups begin with fifteen guests paying all at once. When you hit fifty guests, then the price of the admission tickets is reduced even further.

Birthday Parties

For those who have a summer birthday, celebrating at the water park can make for some wonderful memories. Birthday parties at the park include pizza, beverages, ice cream, the party room, and admission to the park.


Today, smart businesses are using social media as a way of promoting themselves, and Somers Splash has joined this important business trend. While the Facebook fan page is relatively new, those who live locally will want to like it and become a fan so they can receive all of the latest promotions and specials delivered right to their news feed.

There are a lot of ways to cool off at SomerSplash Water Park. Using discounts to spend the day for less just makes sense.