Splash in the Boro Coupons 2018

Georgia is a hot and humid place in the summer, but discounts to Splash in the Boro will help reduce the cost of your visit. Located in Statesboro, the park is both a family water park and an aquatic center. The water park is open from June to September, while the indoor aquatic center is open year round.

There are things to do for everyone who visits. There is a very large swimming pool for play or for laps. There is also a leisure pool, water slides, a Lazy River. For young children, there is the Spray Ground, a place to play and call their own.

For a separate charge, there is a Flow Rider for those who like to ride one.

While food is not permitted to be brought inside, bottled water allowed.

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Season Pass

A Season Pass to the water park is a mom’s best friend during the summer when school is out of session, and the best discount for family fun. Kids never seem to tire of the water, and with a Season Pass, the more you use the less each visit becomes. You can go at a moment’s notice and not worry about the cost.

The first Season Pass you purchase costs the most money. Each additional pass bought are ten dollars cheaper.

A Season Pass not only costs less than buying tickets each time you visit, but it also has other perks. You can swim in the Aquatic Center, attend Members Only nights, and pay no money to attend other special events.


Check out the Groupon website for discount admission.

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Go Later in the Day

If you want to go later in the day when the weather cools off or after work, you can get in for a discounted price. The price and the time vary according to what day of the week it is. Check out the website for the most up-to-date details.

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Group Rates

If you want to have a family gathering, a reunion with old friends, or just get out of the house with a bunch of your neighbors, you can get into the park for a discounted group rate. There is a minimum of twenty people to be considered a group. The rates are dropped even further with fifty or more. Group rates are available every day except Saturday.

Military Discounts

The park offers discounts to those who are serving in our armed forces. Be sure to have proper Military ID to receive the reduced admission price.

Community Discounts

Residents of Bulloch County will receive a discounted rate for admission to the park. For persons fifty-five years old or older, whether you live in the county or not, will receive a discount on their ticket into the water park.


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Those looking to for ways to cool off in Georgia can look no further. Just get discounts to Splash in the Boro!