Mafia Wars is one of the most popular Facebook and Myspace applications. This article will teach you how to gain energy faster in Mafia Wars so that you will be able to complete more missions each time you log in to Mafia Wars.

Things You Will Need



Mafia Wars Profile

Step 1

Start by adding Mafia Wars to your Facebook or Myspace profile if you have not already done this. You can add Mafia Wars by going to the applications page on either website and typing in Mafia Wars. Once you have added this application to your profile, you will need to create your Mafia Wars character. You will be able to choose from a few different classes when you first start playing Mafia Wars and you will want to make sure that you choose the Maniac class. Each class gives your Mafia Wars character a special stat bonus and the Maniac class allows your character to gain energy faster.

Step 2

Now that you have chosen your class in Mafia Wars, it is time to start completing missions. Start doing all of the missions in New York on Mafia Wars. Each time you master a job tier 3 times in Mafia Wars, you gain a special bonus item for mastering all of the jobs in that particular job tier. For mastering all of the jobs in the Consigliere job tier on Mafia Wars, you will gain a Helicopter that will give you a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer. By mastering all of the job tiers in New York including the Boss job tier, you will unlock the Golden Throne. This item will give you 2x energy regen in Mafia Wars giving you 2 energy instead of 1 each time you gain energy.

Step 3

Use energy packs in Mafia Wars. Energy packs are items that will give you 125% energy and you can use one every 23 hours. Make sure that you have your Mafia Wars friends send you energy packs each day so that they are not wasted. If you do not have that many Mafia Wars friends or if they do not send you energy packs, you can always create an alt profile and add yourself as a friend to send yourself energy packs in Mafia Wars. Use energy packs wisely because if you use them when you have full energy or when you are about to level up, you will waste them. Try to use energy packs when you have little or no energy and you are not about to level up in Mafia Wars.


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