Get ready for your engagement photos

Valuable tips to help you get the most out of your first big moment in the spotlight

Engagement PhotoGetting engagement photos taken is one of the most popular things to do after you've said yes and started planning your wedding. These photos of your engagement will not only be useful in your wedding invitations and announcement cards, but will be cherished memories for a lifetime. Also, engagement photos are a great way to prepare for the process of taking your wedding photos once the date of your wedding arrives. Make sure you are ready for your first big moment in the spotlight by keeping these following things in mind.


Selecting a Photographer

Selecting a photographer for your engagement photographs is perhaps the most important step to getting the pictures you will enjoy seeing many times over your life together with your spouse. Remember that photographers often have a specialization. Some specialize in wedding/engagement photographs, while others may focus on landscape photography, portraits, or photos for the web or social media. When selecting a photographer, ask what they specialize in and select a photographer who specializes in wedding photography and couples portraits. This will ensure that your photographer knows how to work specifically with couples and also knows what settings, backgrounds, and lighting environments work best to achieve the look that you want.

Always ask any photographer you are considering for samples or a portfolio of his or her work. Make note of the settings the photographer chose for the couple, as well as the quality of the lighting, focus, and composition of the pictures. Notice the quality of the finished photographs, both on paper and on the computer screen, as you will probably be viewing and using your photos in more than one way over the years. Pay attention to the artistic feel you get from the photographs; are they traditional or "avante garde", monotone or multi-colored, and balanced or unbalanced in framing. A photographer with a wide range of artistic ability may be better able to work with you to determine your particular style. However, if you already know what type of photos you want artistically, then sometimes selecting a photographer with that exact artistic specialty can result in a better result than a "jack of all trades".

Lastly, always ask about pricing of different sized prints, as well as whether the photographer's price includes digital copies of your engagement photos for use on the internet or on social media sites likes Facebook and Twitter. Always select the best photographer that you can afford, since the saying "you get what you pay for" most certainly applies to photography.

Preparing for Your Photo Session

After selecting your photographer, prepare for your engagement photo session by brainstorming which locations you desire for your cameos. Consider whether you and your fiancé would like to be photographed where you actually popped the question (perhaps re-enacting the event for posterity); or would you like a photo session on a beach at sunset, or at the spot of your first date, or in an urban environment? Depending on your budget, and how much time you have for your photo session, you might select a number of locations.

Next, as the day of your session approaches, prepare personally by getting a haircut, having fingernails and toenails (if they will appear in your photos) cut and manicured, having eyebrows, mustaches, beards, or other facial hair trimmed. Consider a visit to a spa together as a couple as a quick and easy way to prepare, and also have some alone time with each other.

Choose outfits that you will wear, perhaps with advice from your photographer, as often he will know what types of outfits and colors will work best under different lighting and in different photo settings. Shirts, pants, suits, dresses, and tuxedos should be cleaned and pressed to prevent wrinkled or dirty clothing ruining the beauty of your engagement photos.

It's Time to Shine

Engagement Ring(44039)On the night before your photo session get plenty of rest so that you will look bright and alert for your photos. Also, remember to eat a good meal the day of your session so that hunger will not cramp your creative style. Come a half hour early for your session so that you have time to do final touch-ups to make up or hair and have time to discuss the schedule of your photo session with your photographer.

Then, relax and enjoy your moment in the photographic spotlight as you create a set of unique photos that will be enjoyed you, your family and friends, and eventually your children and grandchildren.