Eyelash implants are gaining popularity as a cosmetic procedure

Long thick eyelashes can greatly enhance the look of one's face. Eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes are a popular beauty service, but not there is an even more permanent solution to getting the "perfect" eyelashes. Eyelash implants are a way to actually get longer living eyelashes, however the treatment may not be for everyone.

Eyelash implants are achieved through a surgery that was originally made for people who lost their eyelashes in an accident, by disease or chemotherapy. The results were great and eyelash implants have moved into the cosmetic surgery realm for people wanting to make their thin eyelashes thicker. People of all ages can benefit from eyelash implants, if they are willing to go under the knife for it.

Eyelash implants is a surgery that is conducted under a local anesthetic, which means that the patient is fully conscious during the operation. They simply can't feel the surgery. The hair implants actually come from the back of the scalp and are then moved to the eyelid where they are transplanted, and presto, becomes a new eyelash. Around thirty or so hairs are implanted into the upper eyelid. The surgery time ranges from one to two hours.

Unfortunately the results are not instantaneous. Months may pass before the patient sees the new eyelashes grow in. This can range from 3 to 6 months. Ultimately, over time the eyelashes will be thicker and fuller because of the new additions. The eyelashes will be different than regular eyelashes, like hair from the head- they will grow longer and need trimming and occasionally curling to form that perfect eyelash look.

Eyelash implant surgery is expensive, and like many cosmetic surgeries they are generally not covered by health insurance unless associated with a medical condition. Although eyelash implants are becoming more common, finding a great doctor may take time. Researching hair restoration surgeons one the internet may yield good results. Some travel may be needed in order to get to a good treatment facility.

A recovery time from the surgery will be needed and a lot of patience until the eyelashes grow in. When they do, the eyes will have longer fuller lashes, that are actually the hair from your head, except no one will know the difference.