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Many times network marketers get nervous about approaching family and friends about their product and their new business opportunity. Usually family and friends are the first to ridicule or scoff at you for trying to "sell" them on products and a business opportunity. This is difficult to accept because you may feel as if you are simply helping them and giving them an alternative option to earn an income. If you are trying to get them to listen to your opportunity, I have one surefire tip to get them to listen and even welcome your presentation.

Network Marketers Can Use the Practice Method With Family and Friends

When I started out as a network marketer, I realized that I could not go out to a potential prospect and goof up my presentation and ruin an opportunity to build my business. I needed to practice. This is where I came up with the simple idea of asking my family and friends if I could practice my presentation on them. I even went one step further and asked them to critique me, give me feedback and let me know why or why not they would buy my product or join my business team. Network marketers should practice and what better way to do this than with family and friends who most likely will be your harshest critics.

This "practice method" has allowed me to reach a number of coworkers and those hard-to-get-through family members who normally would come up with excuses as to why they can't and won't listen to my opportunity. This was also the perfect time to answer questions about any misconceptions of network marketing. By asking if I could practice on family and friends, their defensive guard lowered and I found family and friends more willing and even a bit excited to help me out.

These "practice" sessions helped me out tremendously! Not only was I able to work out the nerves and awkwardness while I was starting out, but I was able to get them the information that I've wanted to for weeks, and even months. Their critiques and feedback were so valuable in helping me tweak my presentation and prepare for almost any question by strangers. Who wouldn't want to seem more knowledgeable in front of strangers when questions came up?

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Family and Friends Help Network Marketers Spread Business

Not only did my practice method help me as a presenter, but I was able to grab the interest of several friends about the products or business. They may not have all signed on, but I became successful with some and I had a whole army of cheerleaders that asked me how the business was going. And everyone knows that family and friends help many network marketers spread the word about their product and business.

If you're having trouble getting through to family and friends, you might want to use the practice method. Practicing is the simplest way to market yourself and your product with family and friends. I hope other network marketers have success as I have using this method.