Featured Authors and Articles 

Writing for InfoBarrel has many perks including the opportunity to become a Featured Author. These select authors have had at least one of their articles prominently displayed on the InfoBarrel Home Page as a "Featured Article."

As a writer, obtaining front page status offers more than bragging rights. Featured pieces gain a great deal of traffic through exposure and promotion on discovery engines and social media sites. This added exposure can help search engine rankings. In addition, a feature will automatically go into the InfoBarrel Featured RSS feed.


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How to Identify Featured Authors and Articles 

A Featured Author is identified with a red star next to his or her name, and likewise a featured article will also display a red star next to the title.

How are Featured Articles Chosen? 

Featured documents are not chosen randomly or by popularity but are selected on the basis of specific criteria. First and foremost is quality and originality. InfoBarrel is always looking for high-quality original work to feature. The topic is also an important component to being featured. Each month the staff at InfoBarrel will provide a list of feature topics for the following month in an editorial calendar. If a writer is interested in being featured he, or she should write an article covering one or more of the topics listed. Literary work that falls within the specific topics will have the greatest chance of being considered for featured status.

Tips for Getting Your Work Featured 


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First and foremost your piece must be your original work. InfoBarrel will not accept any written work that has been previously published (in whole or part) on the Internet or in any other media outlet. Your article(s) should be entertaining and provide resourceful information to the reader.


In addition to originality, InfoBarrel is looking for quality. Spelling and grammar are important factors of a featured article. The InfoBarrel TOS states: published documents may not contain any derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive, harassing, obscene, pornographic, defamatory or tortuous content.


Incorporate high-quality photographs throughout your article. You may use your personal photographs or find sites that offer royalty free photos. When using royalty free sites, it is always a good practice to document the proper credit(s) for any photo that is not your personal property.


Citations improve the credibility of your work, and although not required, administration will favor documents with citations where applicable.


Use headings and break up an article into concise and informative sections.  

Submit Your Work for Feature Consideration 

Once you have written your feature worthy document, you may submit it for review and consideration. All InfoBarrel members will see the "Feature an Article" link at the top right side of their personal profile page. Click on the link and scroll through the feature topics. When you find a topic that best describes your piece, choose it and add the title underneath it.

You are only allowed to submit new articles. For example, if you publish something in June you can submit it in the month of June for July feature consideration. If your work is selected, it will be featured in the month of July, and so on.

Featured Articles 

For a number of InfoBarrel authors their first featured article is a tremendous honor and something they will remember, even authors who have had several features still find each one to be a great accomplishment and rewarding experience.