Clipping coupons or finding free printable coupons may seem like the best way to get free coupons, but when it comes down to it, are you really getting a good deal on many of these coupons? Many coupons are worth almost nothing nowadays and don’t allow doubling or tripling at grocery stores. If you really want the best Febreze coupons, Cascade coupons, Herbal Essences coupons and more, then you want manufacturer’s coupons straight from the source. 

Step 1:

Go to the Proctor and Gamble website. Proctor and Gamble creates a huge number of products that you probably use in your house every day. They are also very giving with Febreze coupons, Herbal Essences coupons, Cascade coupons, Mr. Clean coupons and many, many more. 

Step 2:

Locate the ‘Contact Us’ button on the site. 

Step 3:

Fill in all of the drop down boxes that are required on the Contact Us form. There is a box for what product you are contacting about and whether you have a question, complaint or just general comment. Choose general comment. 

Step 4:

Fill in the comment box with comments about the product you want coupons for. For example, if you want Febreze coupons, tell them how you used Febreze to get lingering cigarette smoke smell out of your new apartment. If you want Herbal Essences coupons tell them how soft and shiny it has made your hair in comparison to other brands you have tried. If you are trying to get Cascade coupons tell them how clean it gets your dishes. 

Step 5:

Fill in your name and address.

Step 6:

In 48 hours or less you will receive an e-mail from a customer service representative. The e-mail may thank you for the compliments and inform you that comments such as yours help them develop new products or perfect their current brands. And finally, the e-mail will say, as thanks for giving them comments, that a packet of coupons are on the way.

Step 7:

In about two weeks you will get free coupons straight from Proctor and Gamble. There will usually be one coupon for a free product of whatever you commented on (as long as the price is reasonable), so be sure to comment on your favorite product. There will also be a packet of coupons for money off on poplar products. All of the packets I have received have included Febreze coupons, Cascade coupons and Swiffer coupons. Others will be included as well. 


  • This may sound like a lot of work when the Sunday inserts have coupons for free right at your fingertips, but what you receive straight from Proctor and Gamble are for $1 and more off products you use every day. The average inserts and printable coupons are often for much less. 
  • Use this only once in a while. If you do it repeatedly the company will stop responding to you.