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To get fit lose weight you must first have a right mindset. This is why so many people fail when it comes to getting in shape and losing weight. They have not set their mind to do it and it is not a priority. Anything you are serious about must be a priority and for it to become a priority your mind has to make it so. Therefore, it's all about a mindset.

Once you have the right mindset you need a plan. You may be determined to get fit and lose weight, but without a plan you can't do it. The best plan is to get educated first, since without knowledge you cannot achieve optimal results.

Do research online or at the library on calories, fats, protein, carbs and in general nutrition. Also, learn about different types of exercise and how they work. Once you understand nutrition, exercise, metabolism and how it all works then you have the knowledge you need to design a program that is specifically for you.

You know yourself better than anyone, so you know what you will and will not do. Everyone is different, so this is why you need your own personal get fit lose weight program. What works for one person may not for another.

Determine how many calories you are eating now. Next, begin to reduce calories by at least 200 a day until you reach 1500, no less than 1200. Once you hit the 1500 a day and are more active you should lose two pounds a week fairly easy. Use resources online to help determine a healthy weight and calculate calories.

Choose an exercise that you enjoy, so that you will do it. This can be any activity that makes you move. Being active is the only way to burn fat and calories. Many beginners start by walking or doing workout videos at home. If time is an issue, then combine it with something else like walking the dog or walking on the mall at lunch time.

Also, remember that mindset? If this is a priority then you will make a way even if it's to get up earlier. Just a mention of morning workouts, it is the best time of the day to exercise. This way it is done! No blowing it off after work or because it's late in the day and you're tired. It takes discipline to get fit and lose weight.

Lastly, it takes a lifestyle change to get fit lose weight and keep it off. Hit and miss doesn't work, so be consistent and workout 3-5 days a week for 30-60 minutes depending on fitness level. If you fall off the wagon its okay nobody is perfect. The next day just reset your mindset and pick up where you left off.

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