Kettlenetics is an exciting new exercise system. Through the use of "flow motion" Kettlenetics, works your core, legs, arms and more. Here is how to get fit with Kettlenetics.

Things You Will Need

Kettlenetics system with Kbell, DVD's, wrist band and instructions

DVD Player

Step 1

Purchase Kettlenetics. While you wait for your exercise program to arrive, up your overall activity level. Increase your aerobic activity. Use a wider range of motion in your daily life. This will prepare you to get fit with Kettlenetics. The best price and customer service on Kettlenetics is available here.

Step 2

Use the Kettlenetics exercise DVD's on a regular basis. The "flow motion" activity of Kettlenetics will create a synergy in your entire body. Reaching, bending, stretching, swinging with the Kettlenetics program will use all of your muscles including ones you have not used for awhile. This will help you get super fit with Kettlenetics.

Step 3

Be sure to start with the light weight that comes with the initial Kettlenetics kit. This 4 pound weight will challenge your muscles but not strain them. As you get fit with Kettlenetics, you can increase the intensity and continue to challenge your muscles by going up to a higher poundage.

Step 4

Take break days occasionally to rest your muscles. Working with Kettlenetics can give you an incredibly fit, toned, buff body. The sooner you get started the sooner you will get fit with kettlenetics.

Tips & Warnings