In order to master Forex trading, it is essential to practice simulated trades before going into live trading. If you try to take a Forex system live without practicing in simulated trades, this is almost a sure plan for failure. Do not allow yourself to get into the market too early. If you are looking for an easy way to get a paper trading platform, here are some ways you can do it. There are hundreds of sites out there that offer paper trading, so just make sure you get yourself one.

Before you begin practicing Forex, be sure you have an excellent system on which are trading. If you trade anyway you want you will simply end up losing money whether it is paper money or real money. So stop by finding yourself a system that you like. I recommend a system like Forex Neutrino or Forex rebellion. These are both systems developed by experienced traders who have a lot of knowledge of the markets. Use these systems and practice them so that you're capable of trading them in paper trading.

When you start paper trading, be sure keep the trading journal just like you would a live journal. This means going back and looking at every single one of the traits that you made in making sure that it was the best trade you could've made in that particular situation. If not you want to make a note of it and let yourself know. This is the only way to advance as a trader. Even though it might seem frivolous to do this with paper trading, that will benefit you tremendously when you switch to live trades.

Now that you're ready to start paper trading and know everything you need to be successful, find yourself a broker that you like. 99% of brokers offer paper trading services. You don't have to pay anything in order sign up. The services consider it to be a lead gen magnet. So when you're used to trading a particular broker, they don't mind letting you trade simulated trades for free because it makes a lot more likely that you're going to sign up. Just try to trade on the system and with a platform that you enjoy. This will make it all the more easier when you transition into live trades.