If you hate to see those annoying 411 fees on your monthly phone bills than stop dialing 411 when you are in need of a telephone number. If you do not have access to the internet to look up the number online the next best alternative for locating an unknown phone number is calling a free service that will give you the number you need without any outrageous fees added to your phone bill.

Things You Will Need

cell phone or landline

name of person or business name you are trying to call

pen or pencil

Step 1

Instead of dialing 411 dial 1-800-FREE411 or 1-800-373-3411. This number will work from either a cell phone or landline.

Step 2

Listen to a short advertisement--You do not need to purchase anything to get the information you need, unless of course the ad honestly interests you.

Step 3

You will then be asked what type of number you are looking for. Residential, business, government, and other choices will be listed. Speak your answer clearly.

Step 4

Next you will be asked the city and state of the person or business you are looking for. Speak your answer clearly.

Step 5

Next you will be asked the person's name or name of the business you are looking for. Speak your answer clearly and listen to a short advertisement while the number is found.

Step 6

Get the number and make the call.

Step 7

Check your phone bill at the end of the month and smile! If you remember to use 1-800-FREE411 every time you need a phone number you will save big.

This service is free to use because the ad sponors pay for it. People like me and you save countless fees on our monthly phone bills so the minute or two we are asked to spend listening to an ad is well worth it.

Tips & Warnings

Tell your entire household to stop dialing 411 and start using 1-800-FREE-411 so everyone knows how to save money.

It may take a few reminders, but if everyone is informed and trains themselves to use this free service it will become a big savings to the family budget.