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Are you planning on feeding your newborn formula milk? Which brand should you feed your baby with? Where can I get sample Similac formula? Where can I get a $10.00 cheque to be use towards purchasing Similac formula? Where can I get Similac coupons?

So you just found out that you are pregnant. Is this your first pregnancy? Well, congratulations! This is an exciting moment in your life and a lot of wonderful experiences you will be encountering during your pregnancy. One thing you may want to consider is how you will be feeding your newborn baby. Will you be breast feeding or will you be introducing your newborn to formula milk?

Similac BoxThere are many great reasons to choose breast milk over formula milk. There are also just as many great reasons to choose formula milk over breast milk. Something to consider in deciding one over the there is culture. Some cultures have preferences of formula milk feed over breast milk while the opposite is true. Your parents or your partner parents may also have strong preferences on one over the other. This is an important decision that you should discuss with your obstetrician, your partner, your parent and your partner's parents. Discussing ahead will avoid unnecessary confusion/differences and help you prepare to care for your newborn. (Your parents and your partner's parents will be a great resource in caring for you newborn be it by providing you with advice or helping you look after your baby. You definitively want to keep them in the loop in raising and caring for you baby.)

Planning on feeding your newborn formula milk?

There are many debates on whether breast milk or baby formula is better. In today's studies, health experts believe that breast milk is the best nutritional and health choice to both the mother and they baby. However there maybe situations where you may not be able to breast feed your baby such as not being able to produce enough milk, health reasons, financial reasons, etc… In this case, which brand of milk formula should you choose?

Which baby formula should you choose?

Whether you decide to use formula milk exclusively (or supplementing to breast milk, you should consider Similac baby formula. Similac is the choice for hospitals. After your baby is born, your baby will be given the Similac Advance Step 1 formula (if you plan on feeding your baby with formula milk) during your stay at the hospital. The Similac Advance Step 1 formula contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 which supports the normal development of the brain and eyes.

So how do you get a free sample of Similac formula?

Join the Similac Club. When you join the Similac Club, you will receive a welcome package which consists:

  • An information booklet containing the development stages of a baby and tips on caring and nutrition information.
  • Sample Similac Advance Step 1 with Omega-3 and Omega-6 formula.
  • Sample Similac Sensitive Lactose-Free formula.
  • A $10 cheque on the purchase of Similac products.
  • A $5.00 coupon off the purchase of Similac Advance Step 1 formula.
Similac Sample And Cheque

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