Health insurance is so important to have for our children but we cannot always afford it. Times are sometimes financially tough, therefore there is a health program out there to help children have health insurance. Children need to be taken care of medically even before they are born. Medicaid helps pregnant women who need financial assistance for medical expenses during the pregnancy and about 2 months after the birth of the child. Medicaid for children is childrens health insurance that does not have co-pays or deductibles. A woman who is pregnant has a greater chance in qualifying for medicaid than if she's not pregnant.

As soon as you think you may be pregnant, go the the doctor's office to get a pregnancy test. Tell them that you need proof to show you're pregnant because you plan on applying for medicaid. Go to your local health and human services office to get an application for medicaid. Fill out the application there and turn it in. You will be given an appointment to meet with a health insurance adviser to see if you qualify for medicaid. When you see your adviser take your proof of pregnancy from your doctor, identification, proof of insurance and other documents you were told to bring with you. Do not get to the appointment late because this could the delay or prevent you receiving medicaid while pregnant.

Once you're approved for medicaid, you'll receive a temporary medicaid paper with your information so that you can start seeing a doctor that day if you need to. A few weeks later you'll receive the medicaid insurance card which has the month that the insurance is good for. In the mail you will continue to receive the medicaid every month during your pregnancy so that your child will be healthy with the prenatal visits.

When your child is born, medicaid is notified and you will automatically receive the child's medicaid in the mail in a few weeks. If you need to take your child to the pediatrician before the you receive the child's medicaid card you need to call medicaid to let them know what pediatrician you chose as the primary care provider for your child. Make sure you get the ticket number before you hang up with the medicaid representative. Give this ticket number along with your medicaid when you go to the pediatrician visit with your newborn.

So in a few weeks you'll also receive a letter stating who your child's primary doctor is. Save this letter. You may have to show it at each pediatrician's visit. Your child will now have children health insurance because of the medicaid program for the first 12 months of their life.

When the child turns 1 year old, you will receive a medicaid application in the mail to renew your child's medicaid insurance. There will also be specific information that you will need to turn in along with the application such as copy of your check stubs. Turn everything in that is required and fill out the application completely. No postage is required because you'll have a pre-paid envelope to turn in the application in the post office or mail box. Turn the children medicaid application as soon as you receive it to prevent delays in your child's health insurance coverage.

If you qualify after the child turns 1, you won't have to renew the children health insurance until another 6 months. If you make more money than medicaid requires, you may qualify for CHIP which is another children health insurance. CHIP is not free but it is extremely inexpensive. It is a fair system because your co-pays for the CHIP insurance is based on how much money you make. Either way, you'll be notified if your child did not qualify for medicaid. If that's the case, your child's application may be turned to CHIP automatically or you may need to apply for CHIP on your own.

Some things to know about children's medicaid is to use it appropriately. Do not give false information or use one child's medicaid one another person. Do not hide any of your finances from medicaid because when they find out you've been hiding your money you may need to pay them back and have fees or jail time.