There are many ways to get free food when visiting Las Vegas. Some people like to eat at gourmet restaurants and price is not a concern. Other Las Vegas travelers such as myself love to get free food. I would rather spend my money on gambling, show tickets, museums or other attractions. The more money I save by getting free food in Las Vegas means I have more spending money for my trip to Las Vegas.

Players Club Cards

The most popular and well known method of getting free food in Las Vegas is by signing up and receiving a Players Club card. If you have never used a Players Club card the process is really easy. You show them a valid picture ID such as your drivers license and in less than 5 minutes they will issue you a card with your name on it that looks similar to a credit card.

Every time you play a gambling machine you insert you players club card into the machine and it will track the points you earn. Most Casinos will offer a free buffet or dinner coupon for a certain amount of points. Just by playing the slots and video poker as you normally do you can rake up enough players club points for some free food.

The best thing about the players club cars is you earn points for playing the casino games. It does not matter if you win or lose at the machines you will still earn points.

Las Vegas Wynn Hotel CasinoYou can also use your players club card at the table games such as Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker. You simply present you players club card to the Pit Boss or the manager of the tables and they will write down your name. They then will rate you. You are rated by your average bet size and how long you played. If you are averaging $10.00 a hand on blackjack and play for 3-4 hours you will probable get comped some free food. Even if you play 3-4 hours and win thousands of dollars you will still get your free food as long as you ask.

Just Ask

Many small bettors are always asking for free nights in the hotels Suite as well as limo rides and other extravagant comps. A Pit Boss will usually be glad to give out a simple comp like a free deck of used playing cards or a free meal.

Don't demand a comp from the pit boss but simply ask nicely. "I have been playing cards for the last 5 hours. May I please be comped a free meal at the buffet?". 9 times out of 10 they will write you a free buffet comp ticket on the spot and hand it over too you.

Time Share Presentation

Everybody has heard about the time share presentations. You listen to a sales staff tell you about there time shares and then try to convince you to purchase a time share. Many times they will bribe people to the sales presentation by offering a free gift dimply for attending there sales meeting. Many times the free gift may be a TV or a free weekend at there time resort property. One of the most famous time share resorts in Las Vegas is the Tahiti Village time resort.

A free 2 or 3 day stay at there time resort property generally will include some free food vouchers. There are many other time resort properties in Las Vegas besides Tahiti Village. Many of these companies will offer you some free food when you sit through a time share sales presentation as well as possibly touring the property.

Soup Kitchens

There are a few soup kitchens that offer free meals. Generally these are for homeless people as well as low income families. Anybody can go too these soup kitchens. If you literally lost all of your money gambling in the casinos then you may need to eat at a soup kitchen until you either fly back home or get a job in Las Vegas.

Over the years there have been many people who have flown into Las Vegas with first class accommodations and a huge wad of cash. They end up getting drunk and losing all the money they have and wind up dining st the soup kitchen for there last meal.

Food Stamps

Your state may allow the use of there food stamp card when out of state. If you receive food stamps and are vacationing in Las Vegas check with the local grocery stores to see if they accept food stamps from your state.

2 For 1 Coupons

There are many 2 for 1 coupons given out too Las Vegas travelers. You buy one buffet and the other person with you gets to eat for free. You can eat all of your meals in Las Vegas with 2 for 1 coupons.

There are many ways to get free food while in Las Vegas. If you are willing to clip coupons, sit through time share presentations, and not be afraid to ask the Pit Boss or floor supervisor for a free meal comp then you will be able to receive a lot of free food while in Las Vegas.

Smaller casino properties generally have more flexibility in offering free meals to small rollers as compared to some of the larger hotel casinos that are owned by a large corporation.

When looking at Casinos to gamble at see which ones offer free food too those who use there playing cards. Compare the casinos playing cards at see which casino is easier to reach enough players club points for a free meal.

Many of the Las Vegas casinos that gear there marketing effort towards the locals will many times have easy ways for you too reach a free meal. These "locals casinos" where the residents of Las Vegas go to play know they can attract a loyal following by giving out free meals for only a little bit of action on your players club card.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you are eating a free meal in a Las Vegas restaurant or diner make sure you leave a tip for you waiter or waitress. Image Credit: (Flickr/toprankonlinemarketing)