If you have never used a grocery coupon in your life, but are looking to save some big money on your food expenses, then listen up. It is not difficult to start savings more than half off your current grocery expenses every week with just a few basic grocery coupon strategies.

The first thing to do is to answer all your questions about Where to find free grocery coupons. You will need lots of them every week, preferably a coupon for every item in your cart. Noobs have lots of questions on where to get started, especially when it comes to where to find all those free coupons to get you saving big money on your shopping trips. I know I was a noob once upon a time too, but it definitely gets easier once you know where to find all the coupons you will need. So let me try to answer your basic questions for you.

Where can I get free grocery coupons?

The easiest place to get your grocery coupons is in the Sunday paper. Some newspapers offer and early Sunday edition on Saturday evenings and then make double pack with the morning Sunday paper to use up the leftovers that did not get sold the day before. This is great for coupon shoppers because you get double the grocery coupons for half the price or purchasing two newspapers. Good places to look for these special newspaper deals are in major grocery stores early on Sunday mornings. The special offers sell out fast though, so be sure to go early. I usually have the Sunday paper delivered to my house and preview the coupons to decide if I want to make the trip out to buy extra papers every week. If the coupons are good enough to recoup the cost of the additional newspapers I do, if not I skip it.

Where else can I get free coupons?

There are lots of places, but my favorites are the free online coupons you can get by printing them on your computer. These are huge sites offering hundreds of free printable coupon offers with high face values for great savings. The higher the face values printed on the coupon the easier it is to save a lot of money. Incidentally, most of the places to print coupons online will let you print more than one coupon at a time. I usually search these sites just before going shopping to max out my coupon savings. It is really handy to use printable grocery coupons because you don't need to spend a lot of time clipping and sorting coupons ahead of time. I just match up the weekly sales and then print out the quantity that I need. No clipping or sorting ahead of time needed. Good places to start are mambosprouts, coupons.com, and smartsource.com for printable offers.

What are electronic grocery coupons?

Electronic grocery coupons are great inventions that allow you to load you discounts right to your grocery club card. E-grocery coupons are really easy to use because you do not need to clip and sort your offers, and then remember to haul them to the grocery store with you. All you need to do is download the offers you want to your card online, shop as usual, and swipe your card at the checkout. Your savings are deducted automatically. I usually load all the discounts to my card offered for the month, even if I am not sure I will buy the item, and then collect my discounts if I do end up purchasing the item.

What about paperless coupons?

Paperless coupons are another form or wireless coupons introduced by a company called cellfire.com. Cellfire will send your grocery coupons directly to your cell phone, I phone, or other wireless device. They work the same way as other free coupons and are also free for the asking. Again, these discounts are really easy to use and I tend to download all of what they are offering just in case I happen to make the corresponding purchase sometime during the month.

Where else can I find free coupons? Can I get free grocery coupons by mail?

Free coupons are offered in the grocery forums, in online advertising, and can also come to you in the mail. How do you get coupons mailed to you? Go to the food manufacturer website and register for their mailing lists. Some companies will mail your coupons to you and others will email you a printable offer. Either way, you will get some of your best high value coupons this way, and even the occasional sample item or two.

Are there any other places for money saving grocery coupons?

You bet. One of the best places is in the weekly food circulars and ads from the supermarket chains. There are some great savings on in-store coupons, and most grocery stores will allow you to use a manufacturer coupon at the same time to maximize your savings. While in the store you should also keep your eyes open for neck hangers on beverages, instant coupons on the packages, and red coupon dispensers on the store shelves. It is also common for products being samples or demonstrated to offer coupons in the stores to stimulate sales.

Grocery coupons are everywhere, and with proper preplanning it is relatively simple to find a grocery coupon for every item in your shopping cart. You will find that you can even get some free items every week when using double grocery coupons in conjunction with store sales. I usually can find 4-6 items which end up being totally free every week, while there are at least 15 that end up being only 30% of the full shelf price. With a little practice, you will be able to get just as much savings as long as you have enough free coupons at your disposal. Just go through the steps newspapers, online search for printable grocery coupons, electronic coupons, in-store offers and instant coupons and you will be saving like a pro in no time.