If you love Mexican food, then you probably have heard of El Torito Restaurant. This restaurant, based mostly in the West and Southwesten United States has amazing food that can only be told by the lines that you encounter when you go for lunch or dinner. The tamales are to die for and so are the fajitas.

Yet, it isn't too often that you find a free item at the El Torito Restaurant, except for now. You can get free guacamole simply and you won't be disappointed either (the guacamole is yummy too.) Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Need for El Torito Restaurant Food

Step 1

Start by surfing over to the El Torito website. This is the companies main site and discusses the entire menu along with the history of the El Torito Restaurant. While this is great reading (and I do encourage it,) look for the green button that says 'Click Here for Free Guacamole.'

Step 2

Once you click this button, you will be directed to a new webpage. This webpage will be a form you need to fill out with your information to belong to the Bull Ring Club (and get your freebie.) This info will include the basics of your name and address along with agreeing that you are over 21 years old. It also requires you to acknowledge that you understand the privacy page of the El Torito Restaurant and that you want to be contacted (with the free guacamole and other offers.) Once you fill it out, click the submit button on the bottom of the page.

Step 3

After you submit the information, you will get your coupon in the mail for your free guacamole. This coupon takes about three weeks (that's what it took for mine) and can be used at any el tortito location when you go in and present it to a server.

Step 4

At the restaurant, after the coupon is presented you need to sit back and wait. Your free guacamole and chips will be out in no time. Which means there is only one thing left to do: Sit back and enjoy! If you want to find out other offers, deals and discounts for the El Torito Restaurant, do surf their website. It changes often as their main dishes are always expanding.

Tips & Warnings