Many people who have a favorite when it comes to their home detergent often want to know how to get free laundry samples as well as promotional detergents.

And let’s face it, laundry detergents aren’t cheap. And consider the fact that you may have a larger family and almost immediately can may realize that the cost of buying laundry soap becomes cost prohibitive.

Did you know that the average box or container of laundry powder is from $5 dollars to $25 dollars? But don’t despair; there are ways to get free laundry samples and detergents.

Visit the Manufacturer’s Website of the Free Sample Laundry Soap Powder

If you go to places like (Proctor and Gamble), click on the option for samples and coupons and register to receive all kinds of free samples including laundry powder, deodorant, diaper wipes etc. The section is called “Have You Tried This Yet?”

Once there you are able to see all of the free sample products that you are eligible for. One drawback however, is that you are only eligible to receive free samples once per quarter.

But you can get great coupons and also figure out for example “Who has Tide on Sale?” based on entering in your zip code and selecting on the retailer of your choice. Remember that delivery of free detergent samples from places like Proctor and Gample take around 6-8 weeks.

Also many times, companies have new promotional products that they want to test out, be open to trying detergents or even soap powder delivery systems that are new and different.

Call or Write the Manufacturer of your Favorite laundry Soap for Free Products Especially When there are Issues

If you’ve had a bad experience with a product, you should let the company know. If it’s tied to the product specifically like packaging or performance go directly to the maker of the product.

You can typically find the number to customer service directly on the product as well. Many times manufactures will supply free product and samples when you report issues regarding the performance of the product. You should be as detailed as possible with your issue and cite all the reasons you believe that it was poor quality and tell the company what you want in return. You need to be as detailed as possible. Do you want product replacement? Coupons? If you are writing correspondence, give the company ample time to reply. If you are calling make sure you record all of the details regarding the call (including reps name), especially if you aren’t happy with how the call is going.

Join Your Favorite Laundry Companies Social Media Network (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In)

Every major company these days have social media profiles. Make sure you join them all. This is also a great way to keep in contact with the brands you know and love, provide important feedback and keep up with all of the laundry detergent freebies that are sometimes ONLY offered via Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. You will need to make sure also that you check in and keep up with their postings as some of the laundry detergent freebie offers happen rather quickly.

So there you have it, it’s rather easy to get free laundry detergent and promotional offers by staying plugged into social media, letting manufactures know when they’ve messed up and going to their website to keep abreast of new and improved versions of your favorite laundry soap.