If you want to watch free satellite TV, there are a number of things that you can do. The best way to get free satellite TV, is to make sure that you have a Free To Air satellite dish. This is the newest technology in satellite television broadcasting and it is completely legal. Never worry about paying for expensive satellite subscriptions again, when you get a Free to Air satellite dish. How they work is you simply install your satellite on whatever platform you wish. They can be installed in a vehicle, on a motor home or an RV, your house, an apartment, at the farm and just about anywhere else.

Once installed the FTA satellite will start to receive signals from a number of satellites. It does so by picking up a signal that is broad casted free from a number of different satellites in orbit. It captures that code and translates the code into image onto your favorite television screen, from anywhere in the world. Usually this type of satellite will only pick up about 50 channels or so and they will be from a number of different locations across the world. This type of satellite will only usually pick up channels that are free and are not restricted like on other satellite systems.

You can also modify your satellite dish to pick up more channels from more satellites in orbit if you wish to do so. A simple modification to your current satellite dish will enable you to view more channels from more places all over the world. If you have all the modifications on your satellite dish, you can be receiving anywhere up to one thousand satellite channels or more.

The amazing thing about this type of technology is that there are no subscription fees and this technology allows you to remain connected to the world, anywhere that you go. It is like having your own virtual internet or cable provider for free.

Due to the fact that the signals being broad casted by satellites cannot be regulated, anyone that has a satellite dish that is Free To Air, can gain access to signals. Some signals have codes on them so that they cannot be viewed, but with FTA dishes, the satellite will pick up just about any signal without a code and translate it into an image on your television screen. The FTA satellite is also known to pick up signals from other television providers as well, given that the right installation parameters are followed. For more information on Free To Air satellite dishes, visit your local service provider.