Installing solar panels is a great way to lower and potentially eliminate your energy bill, however many people are hesitant to use solar panels because of the initial investment. Getting a home solar powered system for free is not too good to be true--just follow these tips.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Solar panels are being used in many places and ways. Traffic systems as well as construction crews often use solar panels for lights and signals, however many times they have to replace panels. When a solar panel gets cracked or is slightly damaged in some way, it is ruled as "unsafe" and is no longer used.

Step 2

Unused solar panels need to be discarded, but the cost of properly disposing of them is an added expense to the company. Many times companies or orgainizations would prefer to give the solar panels away instead of paying for them to be disposed of.

Step 3

To get one of these still functioning but slightly damaged solar panels, copy down the company's name and phone number posted on traffic lights that are powered by solar.

Step 4

Ask the company what their procedure is for disposing of damaged solar panels and ask if they would give them to you instead. A damaged solar panel might not be as efficient as it was originally, but it can still contribute to your home and lower your energy costs.

Step 5

Leave your name and number with the company. If they currently do not have any damaged solar panels, they will now know to call you first before paying a disposal fee.

By doing a little research and making a few phone calls, you can save money on your home energy bills and be a little "greener" at the same time. The best part is, you got your solar panels for free!

Tips & Warnings