There are many things that you will need when you create a blog. You will need a domain name and hosting to get you started. Choosing the right topic and template for your new found money making endeavor is important as well. However, one of the most important things that you need is a way to get traffic. Without people seeing the content that has been written, there is no way that you are going to earn any cash from your project.


There is not one correct way to get free traffic when you create a blog. There are actually many different avenues that you can go down when you decide to focus on this part of the business plan. The truth is that the most successful people often focus on a combination of these options to make sure that even if something changes that they will still have people coming to view what they are doing from other sources. Depending on one source for all of your traffic is never a wise thing to do.


Option One


You can become a member of a forum or online community that is based around the topic area of your blog. Once you find one, you can start to interact with the members and become a member of the community. You do not want to sign up and just start posting your link every where. This will get you banned and can also give you a bad name in the topic area and can make it very hard for you to build a following in the area that you are writing on.


It is important to read all of the rules of the forums that you join. Many will only allow you to link to your site in the signature and often only after you have posted so many times. The reason to jump through these hoops and dedicate so much time to this project is that this will be some great targeted traffic when you create a blog. Your new readers will be interested in your topic and they will already know and trust you from their interactions with you on the forums.


Option Two


Article marketing is one of those ways to get free traffic that it seems people either love it or hate it. When you are looking at the article marketing, you need to realize that your traffic will come from two different ways. The first is people that find the article on the directory through the search engines. They will read what you have written and click your link to bring them to your site.


The other and much better way to get free traffic through article marketing is through syndication. This is when site owners republish your content with the link to your blog in tact. You can get many more eyes that you might not have had access to when your material gets picked up and placed on many sites.


Option Three


Guest posting is another great way to get free traffic. It is similar to article marketing in that you write a piece and have it along with your link published on some one's blog. The difference is that you are not stuck hoping that you get your content syndicated to get it on a site with people reading it. You know where your content will be and who will be reading it.


The key is to find the right place to guest post and finding a site owner that will allow you to do this. Once you have created some friendships in the niche that you will be building your online business, you will find this much easier to do.