If you're in need of Wifi Hotspots, you're in luck. The number of spots is growing rapidly. This article will reveal how readily free wifi can be found in cities. The aim of this article is to teach you to locate the free wifi in your city. Hint: Wifi is not limited to Starbucks alone. Let's take a look at all your options.

free wifi
  • Free WiFi at Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops offer free WiFi. Starbucks, Second Cup, as well as local sellers are good bets. Most require you to make a purchase, so it's not 100% free WiFi. One drink per hour should suffice.

  • Free WiFi at Airports

Sometimes free, sometimes not. Offered throughout the airport, or only in select areas. It really varies. Check the website of the airport you have in mind.

  • Free WiFi at Fast Food Joints

Subway, Burger King and McDonalds offer free Wifi at select locations. McDonalds alone has over 12,000 restaurants in the US with free WiFi.

  • Free WiFi at Businesses

Various businesses, including dentists, law offices, car dealerships, real estate offices, etc, offer free WiFi.

  • Free WiFi at Libraries

Most public libraries now operate free wifi. Often, a library card is required. There is also usually a software that blocks access to certain websites.

  • Free WiFi at Bookstores

Barnes and Noble is notable.

  • Free WiFi at Academic Locations

Most universities and other academic institutions offer free WiFi on their grounds. The service may only be offered to students and staff, but on some campuses it is free to the public too.

  • Free WiFi at Hotels, Motels and Inns

In most cases, you must be a guest at the hotel, motel or inn. An increasing number of hotels, motels and inns offer free WiFi. Check in advance. Be sure to check if free WiFi is available in every room, or only in common areas, such as the lobby. If not a guest, many receptionists will give you the password if you just ask.

  • Free WiFi at RV Parks, Campgrounds

The same as what was said under hotels applies here. Be aware that most RV Parks and campgrounds do not offer free WiFi, or any WiFi.

  • Free WiFi at Vacation Rental Properties

Check in advance to see if your rented property has free WiFi.

Many buses - Bolt Bus, Mega Bus, Greyhound - offer free WiFi on select routes. Trains in North Eastern US oft offer free WiFi. Many airlines are now testing WiFi on flights. As is the case with WiFi in general, these services will expand in the future.

If you would like to find a specific place in a certain city with free WiFi, there are numerous websites online that can help you locate one. Just search for "Free WiFi" in Google and consult the websites.

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