Tips on how to get hot college women

For some guys, college is the best time of their lives.  All they have to worry about is studying(if they do at all) and partying.  However, for other guys who have less success with the ladies, college may be one of the most frustrating time of their lives.  They know college is all about partying and hooking up, but they don't experience this on a consistent basis.  

I've been in both positions.  When I first started out in college, I had no idea what I was doing and how to get the hottest girls.  However, after spending four years at a college in LA with so many hotties, I started to figure out how to play the game.  Here are my tips, and if you apply them, you will get some results. 

The first thing you have to realize is the nature of the college campus.  For those of you who have read "The Game" by Neil Strauss, college is probably one of the worst places for you to "run game".  In fact, if you dress outlandishly and start hitting on every girl you see, you probably will be labeled as a creep.  Colleges have different environments, and you have to take this into account.  For the most part, college is a social bubble where word and reputation travels fast.  You have to make sure you have a good reputation, as having a bad reputation will kill your social and romantic/sexual life.  

Given the social nature of college, learn how it works to use it to your advantage.  In college, social value and proof are incredibly important. It's similar to marketing.  You buy a product that's hot, has a lot of buzz surrounding it, and is vouched for by the people around you.  If you're able to achieve these elements of a good "product", then you'll actually start attracting women as opposed to hitting on them.  People want what's value and desirable, and want to feel like they've chosen something.  Similar to  sales, if you chase a hot girl, she'll probably run away. 

So, how do you attract women and build up your social value and proof?

From my experiences, being friends with and having "well-known" people vouch for me made it a lot easier to meet and attract the hot women on campus.  In a sense, I was desirable because of my connections and associations.  So, what will give you valuable connections on a college campus? For most college, it's the fraternities.  Fraternities have a certain reputation/mystique/image in college lore, and they are the ones that tend to throw the most parties.  For most college women, college is a time of freedom, exploration, and fun.  Plus, it's seen as "cool" to be in a fraternity.  If you want, you can go ahead and rush a fraternity to test it out.  If you decide it's not for you, then make sure you make friends that are in fraternities.  Since you don't necessarily have the same access they have to women and alcohol, be a cool guy to them who they enjoy hanging out with, and they'll have no problem getting you into their parties and vouching for you.  This is not at all about strategic.  It's about being smart, but also having fun and being a good "bro" to other guys.  You do not want to be the guy that always acts like he wants to hang out just so he can get into parties.  

So, remember to have cool friends, be a good guy, and go party a lot.  Another important tip is to be social, have fun, and be a leader.  If you are social and know a lot of people on campus, over time, you will develop a good reputation.  If you have fun, people will know you are a good time and will invite you to their parties(which coincidentally is a great place to meet women).  If you are a leader, you will get people together, throw parties, and end up meeting more people.  Do you see how all of this goes hand in hand together and creates a snowball effect?  At the end of the day, remember that in order to get, you have to give.  Give love to people. Give fun.  Give good experiences.  If you keep giving, you will build up your value and "brand" in college.  Over time, you will start getting those college hotties you always see around campus and at parties.