Here are some tips to help you improve or sustain high grades in both school and college:

  • Ask when you are not sure about something. If you don't understand a concept that your teacher is explaining, try not to be shy. Raise your hand up in the air, wait to be called on, and then ask your professor or teacher to further explain what you are having trouble understanding. After class, you could also ask your teacher if he or she could help you at another time.
  • Study hard. Although some people are naturally talented at absorbing information, most of us have to try hard to learn. As such, you should do all your homework to a high standard and prepare for tests a few days in advance. You can prepare for tests by reading over the material, talking about the subject with your friend, using flashcards, or whatever else works for you. Also, try to keep up with the material as the class goes on to avoid cramming in the last few days.
  • Get help online. You don't always have to wait until school hours to get help with homework or educational concepts. You can also get help online. One of the best ways to do this is to ask about what you are having trouble with on Yahoo Answers. This website has many eager users waiting to help students. Another option is to visit your local library or school and ask about homework help (many provide free services). A final option is to visit one of the many homework help forums out there, such as Lightning Homework Help Forums.
  • Attend all of your classes. Many students who have poor grades do not attend their classes; this is terrible because it can result in both a lack of understanding of the material as well as zeros for classwork or participation grades. You have to attend classes consistently to be able to keep up your grades.
  • Do all of your homework assignments. Even if an assignment is only worth 10 points, zeros can add up and seriously injure your grade.
  • Do optional assignments and classwork. While these activities may be optional, they will often boost your understanding of a concept. Furthermore, especially with classwork, you can ask your teacher for additional help. You should also begin doing your homework in class if your teacher gives you the time to do so, as this will allow you to get help.
  • Do extra credit assignments. One of the best ways to add some security to your grade is by completing offered extra credit assignments. If your teacher has not mentioned anything about extra credit, it wouldn't hurt to ask him or her.