Why is it always so hard to get good grades? How come I never get an A or even a B for that matter? Secretly we know the answer but we don't want to admit it. Here are some reasons why we don't get good grades in a subject.

1) We don't pay attention

2) We don't take notes

3) We don't spend time studying

4) If we do study it's done halfheartedly

5) We don't bother to review things

6) We don't prepare adequately enough for tests

7) We compare our study time to others around us

8) We don't like the topic

9) We don't get enough sleep

10) And we let other things get in the way of school

I'm sure you have experienced most of these if not all of them many times before. Who wants to spend hours studying a topic we don't even like? And why do I need to get sleep? I can just sleep in class. I have seen this many times in my college classes. People doze off, play video games, watch movies, or text during an hour and a half class and then they wonder why they do so badly on their quizzes and exams. Yes, I must admit sometimes it is a battle to keep your eyes open or ignore the buzzing of your phone in your pocket or to keep yourself from turning on that laptop and take a peek at Facebook. But seriously will it kill you to just stay awake and maybe pretend to pay attention?

You don't have to like something to do well in a subject. And grades are important. You will be wishing you did better in class when you start applying to jobs and colleges. Not only are better grades helpful in getting into the school of your choice, but a good GPA will knock thousands of dollars off your tuition. You're better qualified for not only scholarships but jobs as well with a better GPA. Ok, so I've gone over all the reasons why it's good to get good grades, now here is a list of things to do to help you with this.

good grades

1) When you study make a time limit and stick to it

2) Make your studying time count, do the important stuff first

3) Don't think it's just enough to hear something, take notes in class and out. If you take good notes then you can just review them before an exam and have a higher chance of remembering things.

4) If you have the choice, sit more towards the front of the class so you are not distracted as easily and so you can avoid the temptation to take out that phone…

5) Ask the teacher or professors questions and get on good terms with them. You are not doing it to bribe them, you are doing it because teachers like students who participate and are interested in what they are trying to teach.

6) Know what you are talking about. Never answer a question or comment with a stupid answer. Have a good logical answer or comment.

7) Read what is assigned. You don't have to kill yourself with reading all of it but at least read the first sentence of every paragraph. Believe me it helps and it helps even more if you take notes on what you are reading.

8) Get study partners. This helps especially before exams. Go over as much as you can and quiz each other on the study guides or past homework assignments. It makes the information stick in your head and it helps you to remember things better if you answer the questions out loud.

9) Try your hardest to get assignments in on time and completed well. Think like a teacher. Who would want to put a good grade on something that was sent in late and done poorly?

10) Finally, rise above the standard. You may think this is nerdy or too goody goody but guess what? It's the most important. Who cares if all your friends are not doing an assignment or laugh at the professor or don't care to study? It's their loss and they will pay for it. Be a better person and challenge yourself. It's always better to rise above because when you do you gain respect and people will start to look up to you.

I'm not just saying this for your benefit; I'm giving you my experience with college classes. I am the kid who spends hours on end studying and reading books because if I don't I get bad grades. Now you are probably smart enough to have an average amount of study time and don't have to kill yourself with studying, but I'm telling you, good grades are all about work. If you don't do it, and if you don't do it well, you are going to do badly. Sorry, there is nothing easy about getting good grades but if you work and work hard you will be satisfied with your end of the year grades. Too many times have I seen people not give a whit about homework and then moan when they fail miserably. Don't tell yourself you can't do it or you don't have time. You can do it and if you put to use some of these pointers you will be able to get a B and even an A or your next exam.