If you are looking for some great savings opportunities that are generally not printed in the paper, you should learn the tick of getting grocery coupons in the mail. There are several ways to accomplish this so let's talk about the methods you could use to save some extra money on your next shopping trip.

First, you can always contact the manufacturer of the product you are looking for. Call the customer service number or email them through their contact page on their company website. Personally, I like to speak to a real person and call the customer services rep first.


You have the opportunity to ask questions when you are speaking to them on the phone. More often than not the rep will tell you everything that they know to assist you, and just as often the information can be a treasure trove you would not have been able to uncover otherwise. They are ever so helpful in giving information you may not have even requested that you will be surprised. On occasion they will be able send you grocery coupons directly, and sometimes they will even send you free products or samples.

Second, use the contact form on their websites to ask the same questions. You will end up on their email list, which is actually a good thing, and they may also send you a second set of coupons or rebates for your efforts. Once you are signed up on their mailing list, you will get special offers, coupons and rebates periodically from them automatically. If you are worried about too many junk emails to your main account, just open a free account for all your couponing activities.

Third, some manufacturers offer coupons or free samples for completing a short survey on their site. Usually you will be offered the opportunity when you register, so take the time to answer a few questions and get your free coupons.

A fourth option is to be sure to contact the company through customer service when you have either a question, concern or comment about one of their products. I had one empty can of soda in a 24-pack and called to let them know about the quality control issue. To my utter surprise, I got 3 coupons for free 24-packs in the mail for my efforts. Food manufacturers need the feedback, both positive and negative. Another time my favorite brand of toilet bowl cleaner was being discontinued. I got a hold of the company and was referred to the district sales manager, who sent me an entire case just because I took the time to call. Can you believe that? A full 24 bottles for free? I was shocked.

You really can get a surprisingly large number of grocery discount coupons through the mail if you know how to go about it. Between this strategy and knowing where to get the best free grocery coupons you will be saving large amounts of money in not time. The problem is that you may end up facing a coupon addiction.