How do you get gum out of carpet in car, one of the questions I often keep hearing my friends ask? Whether it’s because one of their kids or someone else, the chances that you get gum stuck on your car carpet is pretty high. Sometimes you or your passenger mistakenly spit out the gum while in the car, or you just happen to step on some gum while walking to your car, gets stuck on the under sole of your shoes and ends up getting stuck on your car carper, there are many ways in which it can happen.

After your house mortgage, buying a car is probably one of the top most expensive assets you’re likely to spend your money on, so it’s important that you take real good care of the car you buy.

So really, how do you get gum out of carpet in car? There are several ways, some are home remedies and some are utilizing store-bought products, there is no definite answer, it’s all basically trial and error.

You have to be careful what product you use or the type of remedy you use because car interiors that have vinyl, leather or fabric upholstery react differently to different methods.

 How to get gum our of carpet in car, here are some ways:

 Home Remedies for Gum Removal:

- Get some ice, put the ice in a Ziploc bag or an ice pack, put it on the gum and wait for the gum to harden or freeze. Once the gum is hard or frozen, use a dull object such as a spoon, a dull knife or a toothbrush and gently scrape away the gum from the carpet.

- The opposite to what I described above, use heat to take the gum out of your car carpet, use a hair dryer and get as close to possible to the gum and spray it with some intense heat, once the gum turns from being hard to soft, you can slowly start peeling away the moist gum, it might be a little disgusting, but it’s better than having gum stuck on your carpet.

- Use vegetable oil for leather interior, put some oil on a clean cloth and rub hard, wipe it with a wet, soapy sponge, and then use a dull object described above to remove the gum carefully.

Other Gum Removal Remedies:

- Go to your local supermarket, auto store or cleaning supply store and get commercial products that will help remove the gum from the carpet. The most common type of product used today is “Goof Off, which is available almost anywhere. Another popular product that can be used is WD-40. It’s literally very simple, just spray on the gum, wait and wipe with a clean cloth!

- Use freeze sprays! Go to your local pharmacy or your local computer store, get some freeze spray and spray it on the gum, the gum will freeze and become rock hard and using the above described dull tools, slowly remove the gum from your carpet.

- Water soluble solvents are another alternative, you want to use water based solvents so your car carpet does not get damaged by the chemicals.

These are just some ways in which you can answer how to get gum out of carpet in car, if all else fails or you really don’t want to mess with it, call a recognized carpet cleaner, ask for a quote and let the professionals handle the job, it might be a little more expensive, but they might end up doing a better job than you could!