There are many reasons why even the healthiest of us should get healthier. The main reasons are personal appearance, heath care prices, jobs, or just for the fact of feeling young again (I'm making the assumption you were a superstar athlete in your younger days). These are all good reason, but the best reason you can have is to do it for yourself. To believe you can be as healthy as you want, who cares what other people think, do it for yourself. I will be going over several ways to improve on your health through losing bad habits, creating good habits, physical activity, and nutrition.

Lets start easy; select any habit or thing you can do to improve your health through creating a good habit.
This could include any of the following : brushing your teeth more regularly, eating 3 main meals a day with several healthy snacks (stay away from chips), getting a good nights sleep (8+ hours). There are just so many good habits that would be beneficial to your health if you got into a habit of doing them. Don't look at my list and feel like you can't improve on something, there are thousands of things you can do. A more difficult one would be to quit smoking cigarettes or any other substances you may be smoking. :-)
Forget that I wasn't funny, find anything that could help you. Once you find what you want to improve on set a goal and try to defeat it. Success even on the smallest of stages is the greatest motivation.

The next step would be nutrition, don't go eating fast food or any deep fried food for every meal. I'm not saying don't eat any but just watch what you eat. Brings snacks to work that include veggies and dip, fruit, fast free yogurt, and even weight loss meal replacements if you need them. This category I feel is self explanatory. If you are still unsure or what is healthy Google is a great tool to use.

Now pick a bad habit,well as many as you can find and throw them out the window. Quit smoking, stop eating trans fats, stop sitting down with a bag of chips after supper. I feel this whole quitting smoking thing has been enhance by the media to make you think it's much more difficult then it is. I believe people who sell all these products are just making you believe you can't quit without their products. It's ridiculous he;; my dad once used pop rocks to quit smoking. Yeah those candies that explode in your mouth. All you need to do is replace your smoking habit with something healthier. You should try smoking a carrot. All you smokers out there, you can do it. I've witnessed people who have been smoking for over 40 years just drop them and say I'm gonna quit and never look back. So once you put your mind to it, do it, no regrets, only positive thoughts.

Once of the hardest things for people to do is get some physical activity in their long days. Here are a few simple ways : ride your bike to work (no matter how much you hate bikers while you drive in your car), walk to work, wii-fit (if it takes a video game to motivate it), walk after work, go to gym. Why don't you download some fitness applications on your iPhone to get you started. You can get a gym membership, and you know what if your overweight who cares it's not an excuse to be scared to work out.

The last and most important part, stay positive and set small goals that are easy to achieve!

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