Get Healthy Fingernails Naturally

Top 7 Steps to a Beautiful Manicure

Get Healthy Fingernails Naturally

7 Steps to Naturally Healthy Fingernails

Get Healthy Fingernails NaturallyCredit: istockphoto.comAre you looking for a way to have healthy fingernails naturally? It is possible with a little know how. Read more to learn all about our fingernail composition and what you can do to get beautiful and healthy fingernails.

The fingernails allow protection of the tips of fingers from disease and injury. Fingernails are made of a combination of keratin (a tough and strong protein of amino acids), sulfur and nitrogen. It is possible to have your own healthy fingernails naturally by taking proper care of them with these tips and allowing the fingernails to grow at the average rate per person of 3.4mm/month. Your nails will be long and naturally healthy.  

Things You'll Need:

  • Knowledge of the fingernails

  • Desire for healthy fingernails naturally

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Gloves and natural cleaners

  • Cuticle oil

  • Increased circulation

  • Routine maintenance with a manicure

Step 1

          Use knowledge for naturally healthy fingernails

     In order to have naturally healthy fingernails, understand that applying artificial and acrylic nails can block the air from reaching the nail bed, which allows for growth of the nails, causing an increased risk of developing fungus on the nail. Fungus feeds on the keratin as a natural element of fingernails. To avoid this, simply resting the nail from artificial applications and allowing at least a full week of air to hit the nail will increase the health including the nail bed and nail plate.

Step 2

 Avoid biting

In your desire for naturally healthy fingernails,
Be careful and avoid using them as tools to open items, don't bite, scrape or pick them. Use the fingers or an actual tool instead of the nails.

Step 3

 Get a well balanced diet to help grow fingernails
To have and grow naturally healthy fingernails be sure that the daily diet is balanced and includes plenty of the key ingredients that make up our nails:

Protein: meat, poultry, eggs, soy, beans,rice, milk and vegetables.

Sulfur: meat, fish, egg yolk, onion, garlic, kale, cabbage and cranberries.

Nitrogen: eggs, milk, meat, corn, soybean, wheat, oats,bran and beans.

Step 4

 Always use gloves to protect the hands and nails

Gloves/natural cleaners
Wear gloves to do projects and household chores and always avoid using chemicals which are too harsh for the skin and nails which aid in breakage, cracking and splitting. Choose natural cleansers for the most healthy fingernails.

Step 5

 Apply cuticle oil to nail plate and bed routinely

Applying cuticle oil to the bed, plate and surrounding area daily at first and then weekly will assist the fingernails from splitting and breaking as well as help to minimize soft, brittle nails.

Step 6

 Massage the hands and nails to increase circulation

Massaging the fingernails daily with the cuticle oil and chemical free botanical lotions will increase the blood flow and circulation needed for proper nail growth. Before long, your fingernails will be healthy naturally.

Step 7

 Routine maintenance: manicure

Keep the fingernails manicured weekly by trimming and filing. Trim evenly using a nail file, always moving in one direction instead of back and forth. This will prevent nail splitting and assist natural health. Keep a coat of clear nail polish on the nails to help to strengthen them. OPI makes a wonderful natural product that does double duty as a clear coat and strengthener in one. Use it weekly to begin to see growth. Finish with moisturizer to keep hands and nails smooth and soft.

 Repeat care of the fingernails weekly to have the most healthy fingernails naturally which will help to keep your hands looking beautiful as well as youthful. Set aside some time weekly for a pampering manicure - you deserve it and it feels so fabulous!

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