Staying healthy and slim at 40 is not as simple as one might think. As we get older, our body changes and our metabolism begins to slow down. We get to a point in our lives when we get settled in a routine that becomes harder and harder to change. With every generation, the life expectancy rate gets shorter. But we can change that with very little effort and can have fun making the change.

Things You Will Need

An exercise routine you can follow.
Fresh fruits and vegetables.
A comfortable bed.

Step 1

Start with a regular exercise routine. It does not have to be elaborate and you really do not have to spend a lot of money on equipment. And it doesn't take going to a weight loss spa or a weight loss clinic. Start by walking everyday. Walking is the best and easiest form of exercise that anyone can do. Walk to places that you would normally drive to and you will find that you have more stamina than before.

Step 2

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fast food has taken over most of our daily eating habits. It is really easy to opt for that juicy hamberger at your favorite fast food restaurant, but instead of that 600 calorie burger for lunch, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables or a fresh salad that you can easily make at home with all the fresh veggies that you like rather than settling for one that is ready made.

Step 3

Get plenty of rest. If you find yourself staying up late to watch something on TV, or the kids are up late, start getting everyone in a routine of going to bed earlier at night. Kids under to age of 10 should be in bed no later that 9pm, which should give most parents enough time to get ready for and be in bed at 10:30pm. This will give the average person around 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Continue this routine on weekends too. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to stay active. It doesn't matter what kind of activity you start out with. The simplest form of exersize is walking, walk to your mail box or just around your yard. A good size backyard is a good place to start walking if you are shy about how you look.

Tips & Warnings

Before you begin any exercise program, if possible be sure to check with your Doctor.