Get Help Paying Your Rent Using These Resources

When you need help paying rent, it can sometimes seem like the money is out of your reach. Fortunately, there are many programs available that can help you pay the rent when times get tough. If you thought that assistance was only available for homeowners, there is help for those who are renting apartments as well. Turn to the following agencies for help:

Research your state's Rental Support Programs

Call your state's Department of Human Resources for more details. Some states, like Massachusetts, Texas and Florida, have their own rental assistance programs that help people in need. You will have to fulfill certain income and family size requirements.

Salvation Army May Be Able to Help You Pay Your Rent

Contact the local Salvation Army in your area-chances are, if they can't help you-they can point you in the right direction.

Rural Living May Be Able To Help You Pay Your Rent

For those who live in rural areas, the USDA rural development program can offer assistance. Rural Living gives rental assistance to rural families, families living below the poverty line and those with handicaps.

Check Community Resources

The state department of Human Resources can get you in touch with different resources and sources of help in your region that can help you in making payment on your rent. Different organizations that are only specific to your area/region could also be listed with these community resources. These local organizations which could be local community or religious organizations or even local city and state government organizations can only be found though these community resources. These community agencies or Help Centers will probably require you to fill out an application that they will keep on file. You will need to prove that you are actually in need of financial help. You can also reach out to your church or religious organization who may be able to extend temporary help or point you in the right direction. Sometimes, your religious organization can give you money from the charity they collect since some religious organizations use the charity they collect to help others. The religious organization could also do a fundraiser to help you raise the funds you need. Don't overlook this very important source of help.

Also try The Local Independent Charities of America.  It is a federation of 700 local charities who help people in need.

HUD Rental Assistance


The HUD (Housing and Urban Development) program is typically linked with homeownership and buying homes at low cost, however it can provide help for people who rent also. According to HUD, approximately 1. 5 million renters get help from their program to help pay their rent. in addition, a renters can also get assistance through their Rental Voucher Program. The HUD Rental Assistance Program will pay. You may be expected to pay a small amount, but it should not be more than you can afford.


Red Cross Voucher Program May Offer Some Rental Assistance

Call the Red Cross and see if you qualify for their Voucher Program.

When you are back on your feet you should remember to always save 10 percent of your income and put it away in an emergency fund. Your rent/mortgage should be the first thing you put money away for, because as long as you have some place to lay your head, you can pretty much bounce back from anything. Try to put away at least 3 months of rent/mortgage so that if you ever lose your job or experience any other catastrophe, you'll have some time to react without losing your home.

With the Internet, you can also try to ensure that you will always have a second or third source of income. In this day and time-with the market the way it is, each household should be looking at having more than one source of income. Writing online, starting a blog, customer service positions and so many other income sources are available online. Use your second source of income as a savings for your emergency fund.


Dial 211 From your Telephone For Rental Assistance

211 will point you to the nearest program in your city and state that will help you with rental and food assistance. It is an underutilzed resource that could help a lot of people in need.