Before the discussion of numerous hemorrhoid pain relief techniques we must have an over view about hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are vessels found in human rectum. Rectum is found where large intestine lasts, opening into anus. Anus is excretory pore where bowel contents have to leave the body.

Basically hemorrhoids are of two types, one is External hemorrhoids and other one is internal hemorrhoids. People with internal hemorrhoids usually don't notice until it begins bleeds in their stool. Normally it forms in lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoid is not as much panic as external hemorrhoid is. External hemorrhoids are found around the anus, beneath the skin. Ignoring a proper treatment for any type of hemorrhoid may lead it to be permanent hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids cause bad pain, inching and discomfort in patties. Due to severity some time patients choose a wrong method for hemorrhoid pain relief. After hemorrhoid is diagnosed whether by doctor or patient's own self, the thing which 1 important is to discuss it with a doctor so that he can study the case and as per case suggest a best way to get rid of pain. Though pain relief treatments vary from case to case, here we will discuss some best solutions to get rid of this panic desease. Most frequently methods used for hemorrhoid pain relief are

1-Medicines and ointments

2-Sitz Baths


1-Medicines and ointments: There are several over the counter medicines used for hemorrhoid pain relief. These medicine, most of the time, are similar that are used for pain inching and discomfort. These medicines may help in reducing the symptoms of external hemorrhoids but not a permanent removal. These products are available in several forms in market such as ointments, Tablets, creams, gels and pads. Using creams and gels is a little careful job. Creams and gels are firmly applied of effected body part i.e. around the anus and into anal canal. Whenever it has to be applied into the anal canal it may be applied by using finger but the best way for cream or gel application into anal canal is a pile pipe.

The efficiency of pile pipes increases with holes on their side wall and ends. Several Local anesthetics are also available for hemorrhoids pain but their effect is no long lasting. They can provide temporary relief from inching, pain and burning therefore there use must be limits to lower areas and external application. Some of these anesthetics may also cause allergy. In these cases burning may increase by using these anesthetics. To reduce the swelling and pain another chemical used is called Vasoconstrictors. These chemical are like naturally accruing epinephrine which reduces pain and swelling. Vasoconstrictors are normally applied orally or some time by injection. The main ingredient of vasoconstrictors is Ephedrine sulfate. Some Anti skeptics are also used for pain relief. Anticeptics prevent the bacterial growth some of commonly used antiseptics are phenol, Boric acid and Benzethonium chloride

2-Sitz Baths: One of the best ways to get rid of the hemorrhoid is sits bath. Sits bath is special type of bath in which buttocks and hips have to be soaked in warm water for short period of time. The name of Sits Bath came from German word "Size" that means to sit. Bath is normally taken alternately with warm and cold water which results in instant rush of blood through vessels and provide comfort. The principle sits bath works on, can easily be understand. If u soak your hand in warm water for some time and push it out of the water you will notice that it has changed the color of your skin and it has become redder. Opposite you will notice in cold water. Due to these alternate soaks blood rush of blood will be achieved through vessels which is effective hemorrhoid pain relief.There is a proper procedure that has to be followed to take a sits bath. Here we discuss that procedure in detail.

The first thing that one needed is a plastic sits bath tub. These sits bath tubs are easily availed on medical stores or all drug shops. The bath tub should be big enough that one can easily sit into it. They can be easily fixed on toilet seats. The temperature of water used for sits bath is very important make sure that it does not exceed from 120' Fit should be close to skin temperature normally ranging from 100' to 110' F. exceeding the temperature from 120' F may cause your body temperature to b raisin that can be some time seriously dangerous. For the sack of comfort cold compress can also b provided to forehead so that one may easily with stand with temperature of water. Legs may also b immersed with warm water.

Keep sitting in warm water for twenty to forty minutes after you are done with that you have to take cold bath. While using cold sit bad the bath tub must be filled with the iced water. Stay in cold water for sixty seconds not a second above sixty. This will be beneficial. After done with cold bath skin can be dryer using a clean soft towel. Towel must not be rubbed against skin to dry it but through gentle pushes it can easily be dried.

In women patients adding something to water like herbs, veneer etc may cause virginal yeast problem because veneer and herbs will provide perfect inhospitable environment to yeast. Moreover pregnant women must take care that water must not be extra warm during the bath. People with low or high blood pressure may have some effect of cold and warm sits baths. Apart from all these conational cases sits bath is the best, easy and economical hemorrhoid pain relief method.

3-Tharapies: Another useful technique to relief hemorrhoid pain is through therapies. There have been several types of therapies introduced for the hemorrhoids, such as Hydro therapy, Cryostat therapy and yoga of hemorrhoids. These therapies are must effective but not more then sit baths. Cryostat therapy is one of the most recent and advance therapies introduced for hemorrhoids. It is useful for burning that is caused by hemorrhoids. To achieve best results this therapy is used with cold therapies. Cold therapies are universally known therapy with prevents inching, burning and irritation caused BT hemorrhoids. Unlikely other Type of therapies has no unpleasant odor.

Cold therapies actually reduce the blood, and also reduce the metabolism. Metabolism, in easy words, is the other name of all comical reactions happening in human body. Other then cold and Cryostat therapy, Hydro therapy is too used frequently. Some physician says that sits baths are also a form of hydro therapy. Anyhow there are numerous other applications of hydrotherapies in concern with hemorrhoids. Yoga as described before is also a good but complex a care needing pain relief.

There are many yoga posters that can be used to cure hemorrhoids but it may sometime not help for those who have no practice of yoga already or new in yoga. Among these postures some commonly known postures are candle posture, legs up, child posture and squatting posture. Yoga on other hand also need concentration so if patient choose Yoga for pain relief of decease, they must consult a professional yoga expert who can guide him in a good way.

Summarizing our discussion, hemorrhoid is a panic decease and it is to hard for a patient to with stand with that pain, irritation and iche.Therefore the method used for pain relief should be effective and it should work quickly. But we can not cast aside the fact that each treatment has somas side effects. So it is strongly recommended that before going to any of the pain relief method one must consult his physician so that he can read his case and suggest him the best way for hemorrhoid pain relief according to the situation.